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AnyConnect VPN using NAT instead of Routing?

Hi All,I have a CIsco ASA 5505 with the default license that only allows the use of 3 interfaces (inside, outside, DMZ).  I'm already utilizing all 3 but I'd like to configure the AnyConnect Client VPN stuff.  I know with solutions like OpenVPN you c...

lmalhoit by Beginner
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VPN modem/router

I have a problem my site to site vpn not working properly have a modem / router from my ISP that has one public ip address and a dhcp server ip range how can you fix that ?

pcfreak49 by Beginner
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isakmp lifetime ???

Hi guys, I am trying to understand how vpn works and I came accross with this question. If we select preshared keys for authentication during the isakmp phase 1 and set the lifetime to 24 hours, then what is going to happen after 24 hours and the key...

Re: 2511 Access server - BREAK not working!?

Hi guys,I got an access server setup and got a couple issues. First off is that after I establish a session to another router or switch I cannot get back to the access server! I do "ctrl shift 6 x" and many variations of that as suggested by forums o...

SRP527w concurrent sessions

I have recently managed to configure a setup where I have 2 srp527's one at office one at home.Have 1 fixed IP at the office and 1 fixed ip at home.I have configured the srp at work to be a vpn server and have configured the group and 2 user profiles...

Cisco VPN Client & OSX Lion

Whats the timeline looking like for an update to the Cisco VPN Client for the newest version of OSX? I am aware of the current workaround, which involves booting into 32bit mode.  Is there a future update in the works that will work without having to...

site to site vpn access blocked

Hi All, I have two sites connected using ASA5510 version 6.4(5)   site A                                                     site B10.8.0.0/20 -- ASA -------internet ------------ASA -- site A, i can vnc, rdp, telenet and ssh to site B...

allow internal ip to access DMZ host.

Hello,  Currently, we allow /24 into our DMZ as follow:...access-group dmz_access_in in interface dmzroute outside a.b.c.d 1route inside x.y.z.0 1   <----- Extended x.y.z.0... Now, if we need to extended the /24...

locp by Beginner
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Resolved! Auto Run URL after SSLVPN Login.

Hi,Can anyone answer the following?Is it possible to auto run a URL to an internal Web interface, right after a user logins into SSLVPN?Instead of the user having to find and click the bookmark, can we make it auto run, somehow?Thanks,E

Resolved! Cisco Nexus 5548 Tacacs+ configuration question -

I am working for an Air Force client and am adding a handful of 5548s into their network.  My question is how Tacacs+ is configured.  My hands are tied in regards to testing in an operational environment so I want to ensure the configs are correct pr...

Resolved! Question about multiple certificates on an ASA

I have an ASA5540 running 8.4(3) which has CA and identity certificates from godaddy.com installed, identifying the ASA to VPN remote users (the are using the anyconnect client.)There is also a separate certificate server located on the inside LAN th...

mat_rouch by Beginner
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Resolved! Site-to-Site with NATing

Hello All,I am kind of new to Cisco and I have no CLI expertise. I need to setup a site-to-site VPN (IPsec tunnel) with NATing. I have previously setup several L2L using ASDM with no problem, none required NATing.  Here is the scenario:Site1 uses 192...

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