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Optimal gateway selection list

Group - With in the AnyConnect profile, OGS can be enabled and deemed user controlable, however documentation speaks to an OGS list...where is this list defined? Is it the Server list or the backup server list?  And if I have the server list defined,...

How to configure ASA Clientless SSL VPN?

I need to create a bookmark that does the following:Connect to a Windows server with an RDP sessionProvide a user ID & password (not the user ID authenticated with my Acitive Directory when the user connected)Open a program on the serverPass a parama...

Resolved! Help with Easy VPN Server

Hi,I have been trying to configure Cisco1941/K9 as Easy VPN Server through CiscoCP.The tunnel comes up but I cannot pass any traffic to the secure LAN (GigEth 0/1). When the tunnel comes up, I can ping the Loopback interface and the GigEth 0/1 interf...

ryan_david by Beginner
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Resolved! Help with Easy VPN Server with LDAP

Hi,Previously, I was able to configure our Easy VPN Server with local authentication.But now, I am trying to use LDAP authentication to match with our policies.Can anybody help me please to check the config and tell me what is wrong with it?My router...

ryan_david by Beginner
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Easy VPN Issue

Dear Guys,I've configuared a easy VPN between cisco 3845 and cisco 871 router, 3845 is VPN Server.I am facing problem at client router ie.whenever The public IP address is changed the VPN is disconnectig.Regards,Jai Kishore.

Outside interface non-routable address

Greetings all,I am currently working with a vendor to get my ASA5520 setup to handle IPsec VPN connections for my clients and we are stumped with how to get the outside interface to respond to connections/requests.I work for a state agency and our ne...

VPN Radius Authentication

                   We are in the process of upgrading our AD to 2008.  So we are building a new Schema Master Grand Pooba  AD server with a new IP address, the old address will be demoted.  Unfortunately we have our AAA Server Group using radius to a...

Dan Loring by Beginner
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Resolved! Static nat issue on ASA (v8.2) ?

Tring to add a new static nat rules, but it seems that i an not able to do that10.10.10.10 Public IP inside LAN IPtrying to add:fw(config)# static (inside,outside) tcp  https https netmask map...