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vpn 2 asa 5505 router

Hi,I have 2 ASA 5505 routers i'm trying to vpn - I have one asa 5505 that is already setup already and a pix 501 is vpn to it already. so now I bought a second 5505. What info do I need to get from the already setup asa 5505 so that the 2nd 5505 can ...

Resolved! Site-to-Site VPN on Firewall with no Public IP

Dear All,                  I have a requirement to configure Site-to-Site VPN with HO. i have my internet link termintaed on router and got only one public ip. my ASA is behind this router with no public ip (attached diagram). This router will not su...

ASA VPN Tunnels with Certificates

Hi there,I'm newbie in the CISCO supportforum and have a question about VPN Tunnels between ASA's.My ASA's have the follwing Versions: ASA Version 8.4(3) ASDM Version 6.4(7)Have I a chance  to configure a site-to-site tunnel with a hostname as peer a...

Cisco VPN client on terminal server

Hi to everyone,It is possible to use cisco vpn client in a different sessions of terminal server simultaniously? It means login into terminal server with 2 diferent users, that means 2 diferent session simultaniously, then with this 2 session use a c...

Change to new RSA server on Cisco ACS

Dear all,Recently we have tried to migrate our RSA server to a new environment and new version, this by itself was a succes, however the ACS had to be modified to be able to use it for our VPN tokens.The ACS server is running version 4.2 on a windows...

Resolved! split tunnel setup on asa 8.4 with asdm 6.4

we have anyconnect set up and working, except for split tunneling. in the ASDM 6.4 I went to : remote access VPN > network (Client) access > group policies >  GroupPolicy_anyconnect_vpn > edit > advanced > split tunneling > then unchecked "inherit" o...

ethan12345 by Beginner
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Strange Error on Site to Site IPsec Tunnel

On my ASA5520 I am trying to do a IPSEC tunnel between two sites. When I ping the protected network on the other side I get this when debugging IPSEC:IPSEC(crypto_map_check): crypto map manmap 20 does not hole match for ACL man1Not too sure what this...

Pete89 by Explorer
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Resolved! 881 - isakmp crypto module not available

Hi.I have a Cisco 881 ISR (CISCO881-SEC-K9) and have the advanced security license installed and enabled/active and in use (see screenshot).  However, the isakmp crypto module is not available.cisco#crypto ?                   gdoi   GDOI related comm...

Resolved! ipsec sequence numbers not working for multi VPN's

one site to one site VPN works no problem, but when I add the second peer in the hub router it does not connect. There is no routing in place all routers are connected to the same switch and with no crypto map they can both ping With cry...

VPN with SA520-k9

Hi.I try to set up a VPN with the SA520-K9 (Firmware: 1.2.70), but I can not get it.I have followed many guides, read many post on the forum, but still I can not get it.It requires some additional configuration? Since I follow the steps and I can not...

Disabling isakmp keepalives

Is this called command line inconsistancy or documentation error. I am trying to disable isakmp keepalive by refering to following document. http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/security/asa/asa84/configuration/guide/vpn_groups.html#wp1049862Look at the s...

krun_shah by Beginner
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Anyconnect ClientProfile ServerList Group URL

Hello,I've got a problem in Configurating a Client-Profile for AnyConnect 3.1.00495:I want to define in the ServerList the GroupURL (see Screenshot)the alias for the TunnelGroup is set (anyconnect) and enabled, but in the profile on the Client is und...

gaigl by Beginner
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