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Hello,I've got two Cisco Router 2800, one has the IOS c2800nm-ipbase-mz.124-15.T10 wich is the Spoke and the other has c2800nm-spservicesk9-mz.124-22.T5 wich is the HUB.The Hub is behind a Firewall. Spoke ------ Internet ------ Firewall ------- HUBTh...

                   hi can anyody breif me,we can use GET VPN on the public WAN or only we can private WAN like MPLS.if we can use in public wan how to proceed and requirements to proceed?thnakscyril

zeuscyril by Enthusiast
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I have an issue with accessing other asa's and network equipment from behind an asa that is connected to the network i need to access via vpn.  I have the asa able to access the network but for some reason am not able to.  Anyone have a solution?

For site to site vpn which should i use? I understand the ikev1 is the vpn client and that ikev2 is for anyconnect, but in the world of just basic site to site, which one do you use?Ikev does not seem to have an option for the transform set.Sent from...

Apologies for the ingorant question, but I wanted to verify something:From what I can tell, would you want to use the Connection Profile (Tunnel Group) Lock option for RA VPN if you don't use Active Directory for authentication? I can't seem to find ...

Having an issue with the ipsec client being unable to add routes in Windows 7 while connecting to an asa 5510 running 8.3(2). Client connects, but the split-tunnel routes do not get installed on the OS. Vpn client versions used are and 5....

Hi,i have just installed VPN on my PC (Vista 64 bit) and the splash screen appears with 'Initializing user interface components' but then nothing happens, it seems to crash at this point. CAn anyone help me as to why this is happening?I did have a ER...

Dunnes2002 by Beginner
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Hi,     We are having lot of issues with IPV6.( Including Cisco Anyconnect VPN not working properly, DNS not working properly etc.) When we disable IPv6 in the Laptops of the users, these issues just disappear. But what would be the impact if we disa...

Kevin_27C by Beginner
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