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Hello,very strange Problem:we have 2 ASA's 5510 8.4(3), Auth is CERT+AAA, CERT is on a E-Token, AAA is Radius (ACS 5.3) and worked already, one ASA for test, one ASA prod.Now if I connect with a Notebook (Win7_64bit), the Client (anyconnect-win-3.0.0...

gaigl by Beginner
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I want to know that whether a group member (GM) can be a member of multiple groups, if yes a configuration or link may pl be provided showing the configuration where a GM is configured as a member of multiple groups/policies.ThanksM.K.Gupta

mgupta by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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I'm currently using Cisco VPN Client v5.0.07.0290.  Every time I start my connection, it takes me ~90 sec. for the authentication prompt to display and another ~90 sec. to complete the auth. and connect successfully.  I've got another laptop w/ the s...

SERGIO L by Beginner
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Hello,I already configured a remote vpn access in a 5515X but i have an issue when the clients connect to the remote vpn, the dhcp assign me an ip but there is no default route in ipconfig from the PC / Laptop , also i can access to the network confi...

Hi.recently we started having some problems with the VPN-Client. Starting a few weeks ago we have problems with newly installed machines (Win 7 x64). The VPN-Client (5.0.7) connects fine, but no packets are sent through the tunnel. The strange thing ...

SiekOliana by Beginner
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I have a client who has just added on an additional building. They have one server 2008 with AD. I set up a site to site vpn with two wrvs4400n routers. Everything works but the computers in the site without the server cannot login to AD. A temporary...

avail by Beginner
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I have a client that needs to establish a IPsec tunnel to a large organization. They will not forward any traffic to an IP using private reserved IPs. However I am not finding another way to accomplish this. I tried ipsec to the router and using a se...

I am setting up for the first time a tunnell from my ASA 5505 to an ISA 2006 server. I have a successful connection between the two devices, but what seems for only a certain IP range. show crypto ipsec sa shows local ident (

kkrajcir87 by Beginner
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Hello all,Iam having an issue where the GRE tunnels are up/up but are not pingable. The GRE tunnels are on a cisco 1811 and cisco 2811 routers  The tunnel source and destination IP addresses are private  addresses. These private addresses are pingabl...

mukundh86 by Beginner
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I'm trying to set up a site to site VPN link between the ASA5510 that we use exclusively as a VPN endpoint on campus and a D-Link DIR130 VPN Router off campus, at a local business with a dynamically assigned IP.  We currently use the ASA for remote a...

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