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Hey All,My long-awaited 4G EHWICs have arrived for my ISRG2 routers. We've gotten SIM cards from Verizon Wireless that have been activated and now i'm trying to make the card work.I've followed the instructions at this link:www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/r...

rtjensen4 by Level 4
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Hello,I have the new ipad (ipad3) connecting to a cisco ASA vpn router via Ipsec. I have had my idle time set at 5 minutes (also tried changing it to 30 minutes), but whenever I connect my ipad to VPN, idle for a minute or so and then go into Mail to...

gloverltd by Level 1
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Hi,I have two routers which have a point to point VPN to each other over EFM links. The point to point VPN works fine over the EFM's but each 1841 router also has an autofailover ADSL card. Now the failover works fine for everything other than the po...

Hi guys,I'm having a bit of trouble with the configuration of WebVPN terminal services through the web portal. As far as I can tell, everything is setup as it should be (i've just imported the latest rdp plugin) but when I try to initiate a terminal ...

I have a 5510 and a 5505 that I'm attempting to configure a simple VPN tunnel over. I have tried step by step configurations form CISCO ASA configs, as well as every source I can find. I have walked throught the config with IOS commands as well as Wi...

k.langley by Level 1
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Hellow everyone.I have VPN ASA5520-SSL500-K9.About:This platform has an ASA 5520 VPN Plus license.VPN Peers                    : 750AnyConnect for Mobile        : DisabledI need to know which type of license shoud I buy to activate AnyConnect for mob...

Hello,I connecting to a Cisco ASA 5500 using a third party IKEv1 client. The initial connection and all rekey attempts that start on the client are successful. A tunnel is established, data cna be transferred between the client and the ASA's internal...

armamsic_ by Level 1
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Dear All,I have ASA 5510 with 8.4 connected to ISG 1000, when traffic is passing the VPN tunnel is working fine, when the traffic stops, ASA will drop the packet but the VPN tunnel on ISG still up .When new traffic started from ISG side, it will drop...

mkdccie by Level 1
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I've got a question here that I don't know the answer to off hand.I've got a remote site that is a small office.  There are no servers(Active Directory) at that site, though there is a local file store.  The site has a l2l tunnel back to HQ, where th...

AdmShatan by Level 1
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Hi,I'm trying to get CoA working on a 7206, and although it seems a fairly staright forward setup, I just can't make it work.  Here are the following details that I have.I'm using CoA Client (version 2.6) to do the testing.   From the 7206 I get the ...

Hi All,I have a customer recently start installing cisco any connect versio 3.0.08057 , he said it crashing , any idea ?vpn.ehealthsask.ca)][Tue Jul 31 16:46:05.646 2012][libcsd][debug][hs_transport_winhttp_verify_cert_hash_check] Fingerprints match:...

I need to set up a site to site vpn between 2 ASA (1 5510 and a 5505).  The 5505 internal network is also in use on the internal portion of the 5510 so I wanted to NAT the outbound traffic from Site A (5510) to Site B (5505) and vice versa.  I was th...

I have several remotes sites connected to "home" with Cisco 891 routers at each remote site."Home" actually consites of two different data center sites, each with a Cisco 3845 router terminating the IPSec tunnels there. One home site provides VOIP ph...

I am trying to create a SSLVPN connection using Cisco Anyconnect Client after entering username and password, I am getting following error message in attached screenshot. I already created a ip local pool vpnpool mask 255....