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Hi,I have a 2821 router, I would like to know how many tunneles IPSEC can configurate on this router.               yourname#sh verCisco IOS Software, 2800 Software (C2800NM-ENTSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.4(19b),RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Technical Support:...

Hello,We are having a problem with the AnyConnect client when connecting to our VPN.  We are running the following:AnyConnect v2.4.0202(2 each) ASA v8.2(1) -- active/standby failoverAnyConnect Essentials LicensingNOTE:  We are not using certificates ...

Hi All,I'm trying to configure a vpn in my 1841 to have remote access and the problemis that i cannot ping the internal network from the remote client (pc + cisco vpn client).I can ping the that is the internal ip of my router.Please advis...

We have a need to exclude NAT (Identity NAT?) some hosts and PAT everything else to the outside interface address across a S2S VPN tunnel.  How do you do that?                  

kjgorman by Level 1
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Hi,situation:cisco 878 configured to accept client vpn requests. From client prospective people get error 412 and they can't connect. Not sure what s wrong, following configuration and debug isakmp. Autentication is through a radius server.thanks in ...

Can someone assist me with configuring Cisco AnyConnect VPN? For some reason with the config below, I seem to get connected but then my internet connection randomly drops and reconnects.  Ive tried several different times to get this to work properly...

Hi Guys,Please let me know if there is any command that can help to recover the configure password for a vpn user  from ASA old version not the latestI know that this command :"more system:running-config" helps to see the presharded key .username abc...

cisconell by Level 1
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