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I have remote access vpn configured on cisco 2901 router. Everything works good exept ipad 2 3g. When i am connecting with ipad from 3g network it connects but  it is unable to access corporate resources. I talked to my telephone provaider and they t...

We have two Cisco ASA firewall with a "healthy" site to site IPsec VPN between them.  Traffic sent over the VPN is not translated, while all other traffic to internet is translated to public IP address.The problem is while the HQ ASA encrypts and sen...

I can't access the asdm of our asa 5505. I made the following checks before posting my question:1-Tried accessing the asdm with https://  from different computers=No success2-Checked to see if http server was enabled3-Checked to see if our network co...

nlalonde by Beginner
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We have CSD enabled on our ASA gateway and let the files download to the client PC's.  I notice that there's a few executables downloaded and end up in the local Windows user profile but does anyone know what each of them do?cscan.execiscod.exeinst.e...

I have a newly installed 5505 ASA device - and I am not that familiar with it yet.  In fact, I only have a moderate level of experience in configuring routers at all.We have an outside vendor who requires access to a phone device inside our network (...

ericault1 by Beginner
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Hello Everyone,Does CISCO have a preference as to what MODEM I need to use to connect ot the Aux port for a 2811 router?  I have a USR 56K Fax/Modem connected but not performing a handshake.THanksAlfred

dacruzer1 by Beginner
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Hi AllGot a classical remote access vpn with Cisco VPN Client and ASA-5520Some weeks ago I noticed in my ASA logs this severity 5 Message.Group = xyz, Username = abc, IP = 84.n.n.n, Duplicate Phase 2  packet detected. No last packet to retransmit.Thi...

mjauner by Beginner
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I am installing a new 5520 with IPS for a client, and they were asking about the PCI compliance of the SSL(WebVPN) being self signed.  I am not sure what document to find this information from under the PCI DSS.  There was also mention about dual aut...

Hello!I have configured MS CA and i setup vpn client and ASA 7.0 to make tunnel with certificates.Same configuration does not work with ASA 8.0 I get errorCRYPTO_PKI: Checking to see if an identical cert is already in the database...CRYPTO_PKI: look...

fisko by Beginner
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