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Hi everyone,I have an ASA 5505 with Base license and a vpn client. The scenario is like this:LAN -- ASA 5505 -- ISP DSL Router---( Internet ) -- Home DSL Router --- LAN -- VPN CLientThe ISP DSL Router gets a public IP address and the ASA gets a priva...

adavila03 by Beginner
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Cisco VPN Client - Access the client

Hello Everybody,i have a little question.At the moment we us the remote vpn client on our asa 5505.The inside network-range is / Gateway (ip-adress of asa 5505).The remote-vpn-pool is i connect with t...

VPN dissconnection issue

Hi all,We have site to site vpn connectivity with our client. We have ASA 5510 and client side they are using juniper firewall. We are facing frequent disconnection in vpn, the applications we are using through vpn tunnel go unresponsive frequently. ...

Resolved! Difference between interface mtu and ip mtu

hi all can some pls tell me the difference between interface mtu and ip mtu. the confusion i feel is when we set the physical mtu it going to affect the ip packets anyway right then why do we have the ip mtu option. can someone pls explain the differ...

VPN IPSEC over GRE and GRE tunnel

hi allI can have configured a tunnel IPSEC over GRE and A tunnel GRE in the same physical interface?. I configured a tunnel IPSEC over GRE but I see issue.  The first phase is correct (ISAKMP) but the second phase is in state UP - IDLE. In  the secon...

Cisco VPN Client and Certificates

I am stuck with this issue for the last 2 days now . Everything looks configured here , I configured a router to be CA server . I used another IOS device to get CA from it and it  works very fine with NTP setup along with timezones . However when I d...

RA VPN on 6509

Can someone point me in the direction of a sample config for a remote access VPN on a Cisco Catalyst 6509 (with VPN mod).?Been searching just cant find one!

ipSEC vpn dropped every day in peak hours

Hi, there,our l2l vpn keeps dropping around 11am and 4pm, never happened during night and weekend.the main errior is"Removing peer from correlator table failed, no match!"the detail log is attached(from asa side)pls help me with thiswe are using asa5...

DTSCanada by Beginner
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