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Dear Sir; Before nearly four years we have purchased 4 Cisco ASA 5500 Device for our organization. Out of these four device currently two are active in field and other two we kept as a spare. Now, in one active device we are facing very rare and stra...

Cisco recommends that you do not use the management interface for failover, especially for stateful failover in which the security appliance constantly sends the connection information from one security appliance to the other. But, for Management 0/0...

I have a site to site VPN tunnel in Cisco ASA. I can see decrypt packet in the tunnel but encrypt packet is showing zero.I have verified all the configuration and compared it with peer side but can't understand the reason of such behavior. Please hel...

I'm trying to establish a site to site ipsec tunnel between an ASA 5520 and a Nortel Contivity box. Despite trying a number of different transform sets and IKE setups it keeps failing at phase 1 with:Information Exchange processing failedReceived an ...

Hi,Recently my security has scanned all the network devices for vulnerabilities and found that cisco asa 5520 , which we use for RAS VPN has older version of openssl. Have  to  check that and fix this problem? FYI, recently we have installed a SSL ce...

Has anyone successfully configured a Pix 501 to communicate to a LG Pheonix (I'm assuming android OS) via a L2TP/IPSEC vpn?

jgadbois by Beginner
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I've been using the AnyConnect client for iPhone 2.4.4014 for months with no problem.  I upgraded to 2.5.4038 and now when it is connected, it can't resolve any DNS on the private network.  iPhone iOS is 4.2.10 and that hasn't changed.  The only chan...

MikeM-2468 by Beginner
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I'm using VPN Client to connect to work and remote desktop in.Is it possible to set up the VPN client so that all traffic outside of remote desktop goes through my normal internet connection? 

dougthonus by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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All,I'm trying to create a simple split tunnel client VPN that will basically give users access to their local LAN, but push everything else down the VPN tunnel.I've created the VPN and it connects and authenticates fine, but I'm having a little trou...

Hello all,I need a 64bit VPN client for Mac. Can you help?Does anyone have a link to download the correct version for this hardware?thank you.versions available with this error occurs.annexed.

kutinskas by Beginner
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