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vpn issue

Dear All,which type of VPN(IPSEC or SSL) is more secure for  Deployment activities on Development  server/Application  servers.Plz guide me.srini 

ASA logging to Remote server

HiThe current log file is exported to an external server. Is it possible for the ASA to do a reverse lookup or WINS/DNS lookup to determine who is using an IP via VPN. Currently the DHCP pool sits on the FW. I want to be able to see in the log file w...

Unable to establish VPN connection

Hi,I have these errors messages found in  the ASA box. What does it mean and how to go about to troubleshoot it.%ASA-7-713906: IP = x.x.x.x, Trying to find group via cert rules...%ASA-7-713906: IP = x.x.x.x, Connection landed on tunnel_group TEST%ASA...

Strange VPN Problem

HelloI got a stange vpn problem, just added a new vpn tunnel to our ASA5510 and then the users report that the traffic through the tunnel is very slow, when I try it myself I get a speed like 50kb/sec to the internal server.If I use our regular tunne...

VPN Scenario

Dear VPN Experts,I have configured Cisco ASA 5550 as VPN Server with Static IP in H.O 1In Branch 1,2,3,4, we have configured Cisco ASA 5505 as VPN client.Both side commendations is working fine.Question:1:   We wanna add more Two Cisco ASA 5550 in H....

Resolved! cisco 1841 how many vpn tunnels? 100vpn by default?

Hi everyone, I have been reading previous posts and I have read that the cisco 1841 can handle up to 100 VPN tunnels by default.1. Is this true?  (I am attaching my show ver)2. Can this IOS version handle SSL VPN tunnels as well?sh verCisco IOS Softw...

SSL VPN Client for Mac OS X

Does anyone know if the SSL VPN Client will work on Mac OS X using Safari? It says it uses Java to download the client. Does anyone know what kind of file is downloaded? Is it a "EXE" file?

hermanaccd by Beginner
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NAT on VPN (ASA 5505)

Im trying to setup a connection Site-to-Site VPN. But I need to create a NAT IP, cause it will conflict with the destination box current connection.Example:Peer IP: 71.x.x.x (Inside: <-----(Internet)-----> Peer IP: 62.x.x.x (Inside: 172....

TCP RESET-0 Connection in Cisco ASA 5510

Bit of a strange one which I could do with some advice on.We have a site to site VPN tunnel that consists off a Cisco 877 at a remote site and a Cisco ASA5510 at the Head Office.Remote Site > Head Office 192.168....

VPN Disconnects after 10 seconds

Hi everyone,I have two CIsco 5510s in an active/passive configuration running 8.3. I have a local DHCP pool and use radius authentication to authenticate/authorize VPN clients. On average I have 30 active client VPN connections along with 1 site to s...

yubago by Beginner
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IPSEC/GRE Tunnel Up/Down every 4 or 6 minutes

Greetings, we have a DMVPN Phase 2 setup in a hub and spoke design using a single head end device (Cisco 2821) and 30 spokes the majority of which are 1801's, all spokes have the same configuration and underlying transport (DSL). DSL circuits are ter...

Mark Rigby by Beginner
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VPN issue easy vpn remote

Hello,In our headoffice we use a 5510 to create IPSEC vpn with stores.In stores we have a 5505 configured with easy vpn remote.The headoffice is connected to another distant network that we will call the A network.All works fine but sometimes we cann...

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