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We have a PIX 515 running OS 8.x.  It is acting as a EzVPN server and multiple PIX 501 devices connect to it which works fine.  The issue that the locations with the PIX 501 devices cannot communicate with one another (over the VPN via the EzVPN serv...

HI      Im new to cisco community, I have a problem with a vpn between to places, It stops and i have to start it manually every time it fails. It fails like one time in the morning and one in the afternoon. hopefully someone could help me thank you ...

edgsoccer by Beginner
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Currently using the rdp plugin setup as bookmarks and they all point to windows 2003 terminal servers.  Using the following strings in the bookmarks, our users usernames/passwords forward to the terminal servers just fine and they don't have to enter...

snooter by Beginner
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I would like to allow remote access to a windows server through a ASA  (5505) firewall. Users will use the vpn connection in order to connect to a private network. Can you give me some help on this? Is there any link  that describes the steps for ASD...

We have two dmz's with two ASA's in series and a 28xx router on the inside of each that NATs its interface to a public IP on the second ASA. The routers have a gre tunnel that is protected by ipsec. In one case the isakmp, ipsec, and tunnel came up q...

I am cofiguring site to site vpn, using 3640 router with ciso ios version  Version 12.4(23) & image fil name is  c3640-ik9o3s-mz.124-23.bin. Below is the error message i am getting on router R1 (CENTRAL LOCATIN) & R2 (REMOTE LOCATION)*Mar  1 00:42:01...

Hello,Remote user is facing a strange problem. below are the detailsProblem: user occasionally disconnecting from one server, at the same time able to access other server without any problemSetup:                                                      ...

I have got a temporary scenario where I need to establish a IPSEC VPN between branch ( cisco router) and HQ ( VPN concentrator).The tunnel is established fine but traffic stops passing after some 5 to 10 mins. I have to manually clear the crypto sess...

mbstrauss by Beginner
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Resolved! bri ISDN data call

I am replacing an cisco 1601 ISDN router (wich is working) with a cisco 1841 (with a Wic-1B-S/T-v3 ISDN card installedthe config (including userid & password) have been copied overWhen tested the ISDN link attempts to come up then fails with a cause ...

gljames by Beginner
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Recently upgraded two 5510s configured in Active/Standby from IOS 8.2 to 8.4.Prior to the upgrade, I had SSH access, but no longer. Looking over my config, it looks like I'm missing telling ssh to allow through.Result of the command: "SH SSH"Timeout:...

tjryberg by Beginner
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Hello Everyone,I've been trying to troubleshoot an issue with my VPN connection.  I am using the CISCO VPN client to remote in to our network.  The problem is after the first authentication, you get the second authentication which ask for your userna...

dacruzer1 by Beginner
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I'm fairly new to security stuff.  I'm a Voice guy.  I set up a Pix 501 for IPSEC VPN and that works fine.  I then tried setting it up for PPTP VPN.  I'm using Windows XP to connect.  It connects fine, but I cannot ping to the inside interface on the...