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Down loaded Anyconnect from the Microsoft site, and enabled. The VPN comes up ok.the problem is tat there is no DNS server assigned from the VPN, so cannot address internal servers by name only IP address.This is what I am seeing.Connection-specific ...

Hi, We're having Dynamic VPN connections to remote sites and planning to change pre-shapred key.I see some configurations about key from the VPN hosting router. (crypto keying and isakmp key)They both are set with the same key. My question is which o...

Hi all, I'm very new at IPsec tunnel.I have a Cisco 2921I trying to setup an IPsec tunnel but I cannot find the isakmp command.My license has been on this Cisco 2921 for a long time but never used. show licenseIndex 2 Feature: securityk9Period left: ...

my firewall is 5512 version 8.2(2) I have a site to site vpn that is currently up but recently the remote vpn subnet is unreachable to me suddenly. The thing is in my case my firewall and server subnet is located in a remote site from my office build...

baselzind by Frequent Contributor
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when creating a site to site vpn on an asa 9.14, does creating normal access rules affect the site to site vpn traffic from my site to the remote site and vice versa? or only the effective access rules are the vpn filters under the group policy? and ...

baselzind by Frequent Contributor
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To authorize a user through ISE, we use a certificate with a CN field.At the moment, the format of the field is (example): Ivan Ivanov.Required format: Ivan.Ivanov - with a dot. The problem is that the search in the AD is carried out only by the dot ...

Firepower 4110 is currently providing Remote Access VPN.Second interface needs to provide another Remote access VPN ( differen FQDN) - however, once I go through the wizardget the below warning and not sure if it breaks the existing RA VPN? Following...

Monfi190 by Beginner
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my wife can access the work ERP system fine. But her Windows mapped drives do not work - i.e., using Windows Explorer to browse "G:" or "\\SERVER" either hangs, or transfer files at 1-2 Kbps.From her laptop, network speed tests report a consistent 40...

Ann69 by Beginner
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Good day! I try to get AnyConnect working with Microsoft Azure MFA.Cisco has a very useful article which I followed,Configure ASA AnyConnect VPN with Microsoft Azure MFA through SAML - CiscoBut after the allowing login with the Authenticator, I get a...

buggy1 by Beginner
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Hi, I want to ask if someone knows if and where I can find the log file which saves the VPN message histroy of Anyconnect VPN client? In Anyconnect I can see the message history, but I would like to collect those data via powershell script on a remot...

Hello,I have a strange issue. We are using static VPN IP adresses for most of our VPN users.The routes to this IPs are distributed via OSPF.They are created and deleted according to the VPN session. But there is one IP (from a specific user) that doe...

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