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Hey GuysI am struggling with an issue at the moment and was hoping to get a answer from someone who has done this type of thing beforeHere is a general outline of what I am trying to achieveThe Remote office needs to connect to the IPSEC router in a ...

We want to use SNMP to monitor our Cisco ASAs for VPN use.  Any recommended OIDs that you have found useful, would be much appreciated!I'm particularly interested in OIDs that can help us prove that the service is working well.  Such as - monitoring ...

estein by Beginner
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ASA error message: 16/ERROR: Unable to start VA, setup shared queue, or VA gave up on shared queue..Win 7 x64 client says: "The VPN client driver encountered an error. Please restart your computer or device, then try again."Client Event Log (AnyConne...

I built four ASA's with 10 SSL VPN users and all but one has the same problem. I'm required to have aaa and user ca authentication. After I did crypto ca server user-db allow all-unenrolled I downloaded the user certs and tested a few to ensure I cou...

newtwork1 by Beginner
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I am unable to get RDP to work on this router and wanted to see if anyone has a suggestion on the problem.  Set-up was completed as follows:(the firewall rule was created automatically when the port was forwarded)The router sits behind a modem that o...

ASA 5505/IOS 8.4I'm attempting to restore the certification authority on an ASA. I installed the original CA server configuration, copied the original LOCAL-CA-SERVER PKCS12 certificate to the ASA, Deleted and made a new flash:LOCAL-CA-SERVER directo...

newtwork1 by Beginner
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HelloI wonder if there is a limit of how many ldap sources the asa supports? We are thinking of using anyconnect vpn and authenticate users via LDAP to Active Directory, the case is that we have several AD domains.//Johan

Dear All,This is regarding with Easy VPN user logins and Tacacs+.As per current setup, we are using local logins configured on router to allow remote vpn users to connect it.Now we want use Tacacs+ to authenticate the users for accounting them.So ple...

I don't seem to be able to connect to my cisco 831 router with easy vpn server configured using my Blackberry Playbook.  Looking at the console of the router i can see the debugging but am not sure what it all means.  I have attached the debugging as...

Where is the proper place to get some assistance on choosing some hardware for an existing network that is expanding to a second location and wants to VPN back in? I've looked at the RVS4000 and think it might be a good fit, but I have been all over ...

I have three (3) locations running PIX-506E firewalls that all connect via site-to-site VPN to a single ASA5540.  Let's call those locations A, B and C.  The ASA5540 site will be Z.  Someone indicated to me that in this kind of setup, the VPN does no...

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