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Good, I could help on the configuration of a VPLS in 3750, I have doubt about whether the configuration is similar to that of 7600, but is so I could recommend somedocument to observe the configuration Thanks!!!

Hi all,Creating a webvpn solution on ASA 5520 8.2(4), and would like the ability to have new browser or tab window to open when clicking on bookmark i created and imported into the ASA. XML looks like the following - <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF...

Ivan Raic by Beginner
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Hi,I created a VPN connection through my ASA5505. The idea is to have some remote clients connected to a VPN server ( and be able to access some workstations on the inside network.My IP pool is - have a laptop co...

valides007 by Beginner
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Hi Guys,I am in the process of setting up our first iPhone with via access to our corporate network via the Anyconnect client and our ASA. It's going pretty well, I just have a "best practice" question about split tunnelling.This is my understanding ...

I have recently purchased a small lab with several routers and a few switches that also contains an Access Server AS2511-RJ. I have never used an access server and have no idea how to configure it. I have found a few examples on the internet but all ...

trevinjr68 by Beginner
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Hi guys,Am working on a Basic EZVPN-DVTI configuation, but the  conncetion doesnt come up, am getting the follwoing errors when the  client try to connect to the server:On server:%CRYPTO-6-IKMP_NOT_ENCRYPTED: IKE packet from was not encrypt...

Hi Experts,I need to create second VPN in same ASA5505, it has already a VPN to one of our clients. So it alredy have a transformset,cryptomap,policy.Now i need to create new one. i like to create a seperate transformset and crypto map for this 2nd V...

vipinrajrc by Participant
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Hi All ,I am running remote VPN .I am getting the below error messages . Could anyone please help me in resolving the same .Jun  4 12:20:59.510 UTC: %CRYPTO-4-RECVD_PKT_NOT_IPSEC: Rec'd packet not an IPSEC packet. (ip) vrf/dest_addr= /,...

Hello,I'm trying to configure a l2tp-over-ipsec vpn, I was reading Cisco documentation but with no success at all. All scenarios I found bound me to a LAC and LNS config that is not my case. I just want a l2tp-over-ipsec to connect mobile devices. Ca...

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