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I seem to be having issues with getting IPSEC to run when I use  NAT, with no NAT this works perfectly fine but with NAT, the ACL to the Crypto Map does not get hit. I am currently trying to test for a new deployment, as we connect to many 3rd partie...

Hi everybody,I will try to explain in English what I'm looking for even if English is not my mother tong .I am trying to install at house a RVS4000 to connect my PC by VPN at my network everywhere in the world.I am using the QuickVPN client gived by ...

Good morning,IBM which monitors our IPS has reported seeing this error come from our remote sites recently, we are CCM 6.1, with cisco ip 7941 at remote sites and all traffic if coming in via vpn. has anyone seen this type of traffic and is there a ...

HI ,I have an ASA5510 version 8.0.4.I have configured 4 tunnels with 4 different customers with same ipsec configuration. I have activated NAT-T because i have a Cisco 1801 (between ASA and Internet) which is doing NAT .I translate IP outside address...

dnivelle by Level 1
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I've setup several ASA's with Anyconnect based SSL VPNs, but I've never been able to ping an IP address that has been assigned to the remoted in user. Should I be able to ping the remoted in user? Do I need to configure anything in group policy or us...

newtwork1 by Level 1
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I have been working on converting a config over from a PIX to a ASA 8.2 but I am running into some trouble with the site to site vpn. The PIX has both a client VPN and site to site. Since some of the configs for the site to site cross over the client...

jgeorge by Level 1
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Hello everybody,I would like to access my router Cisco 7301 through an analogic modem in the AUX port as backup access. I have had problem with the connection, the status of AUX port is changing (Modem state: Ready or Idle). This status is about the ...

Hi,I am having problems accessing our internal network via VPN. We have an ASA at the perimeter that connects to a 3745 router and all of our networks come of that router. I can establish a VPN connection to the ASA but I can’t ping any of our intern...

Hi AllAt a customer site we have a VPN concentrator 3000 series, is there a way to see which users actualy use the vpnand how long they connect, ...And the last time they logged in?Regards

FreddyLoi by Level 1
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Hello, I am looking for a piece of technology such as DRAC cards for servers that when they don't respond and you cannot access them they have this card that is accessible from your computer to do things such as reboots. Is that available for a cisco...

nfordhk by Level 1
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Hi Guys,I've been having a problem for quite a while now on ASA 5505, and it is driving me nuts. I have 3 networks coming from the DMZ (VPN) and only one works: Not working10.132.25.0/24 Not working10.132.26.0/24 WorkingThe thing is, th...

Is there a way to have a vpn client with a unique certificate be authenticated. I don't mean group authentication based on an ASA certificate. I think I mean, peap or eap-tls.  Customer wants to install unique certificate in each client and that is t...

whanson by Level 2
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