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VPN remote connection

I'm trying to connect to the Cisco ASA 5505 with remote vpn. And wondering now which parameters i should change in the router. The internett connection is an PPPoE. There are no safety requirements to the connection. All I need is to be able to log i...

show crypto session growing

Hi! We have a few Cisco 1841 12.4(13r)T with site to site vpn (crypto isakmp, crypto ipsec). The command "show crypto session" shows a lot of sessions, most of them with Active SAs: 0. Even if the SA is never used again, this session stays in the out...

Site-Site VPN & Internet on same DSL?

New UserI am running myself in circles - I'm not looking for a config per se but a pointer if I'm in the rigth ball park?Office 1 LAN - Cisco 877 - DSL - Internet - OKOffice 2 LAN - Cisco 877 - DSL - Internet - OK If I create a VPN between the static...

Resolved! Failover PIX VPN certificate replication (SCEP)

Hi,Got a pair of PIX 525's on version 6.3(4)  running in active/failover mode, I have recently configured VPN's  authenticated by certificates, which involved the use of SCEP in order  to get the certificate on to the PIX. The certificates were impor...

GET VPN with limited bandwidth

Hi,we want to deploy GET VPN and we have a big number of ATMs connected through VSAT connections to the headoffice. At time of congestion, bandwidth of the connection can degrdae to 2 Kbps for each router. (( believe it or not )) and this bandwidth i...

asabagh by Beginner
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vpn client authentication with windows IAS

hi all,i am trying to configure the IAS authentication for vpn client in cisco 2811 router.if i use authentication and authorisation as local user database vpn client is working fine.if i use radius the following error,i am also attaching my config.i...

zeuscyril by Enthusiast
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RV042 VPN Ping but no resources

I have been able to set up my VPN connect, ping the server at the office, but unable to do more. I have checked all the subnet settings, tried everything I can think of but nothing. HELP!!!!

QoS on Tunnel and Physical

Hi all,Need some clarification on an issue.I have a subinterface on a router with an outbound QoS policy applied to it.It is simply LLQ for VoIP and Bandwidth reserve (64k) for routing traffic.It's a nested policy to a shaped policy of 6Mbps.On a GRE...

SA 520 an MAC IPSec VPN

i have a problem with a sa520 firewall. i would connect a mac by vpn to the sa 520. i configured the mac and the firewall with the documentation. in the vpn tool the light is green and the mac is connectet. but there is no ip traffic possible. what...

RVS4000 site to site and client

I am connected to RVS4000 and main site with QuickVPN. Remote site has site-to-site VPN back to main site via RVS4000 as well. For whatever reason, sitting at client, I can't ping remote site. I can only ping the main site. In other words, I can't pi...

Configure VPN (SA 540)

Hi,I have this situation:ADSL (8 public ip)-> ROUTER(CISCO)  ->SWITCH -> LAN-PC(and a sever .2.81)And a port-forward publicip:80 -> server on routerand now:ADSL -> ROUTER(CISCO) ->  -  SA 540 - ...

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