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Applying Access rules to Remote Access VPN

Hello all. I have just configured a new RA VPN Group. When connected, users are able to connect to any resources I have defined in Group Policy\Split Tunneling.However, I would like to restrict this VPN Group to access just a few resources such as RD...

Help vpn asa

I cannot get my VPN client v5 working with myasa, everytime i try to connect I get "the remote peer is no longer responding" reason 412Here is my configASA Version 8.3(1) !crypto ipsec transform-set certvpn esp-aes esp-sha-hmac crypto ipsec security-...

Resolved! VPN site 2 site though remote access

Hi,I'm running VPN between two sites using 2 ASA 5505.Also I want that RA-VPN which is hosted in both ASA.My need is to remove one of the RA-VPN access and keep only one, but need to be able to reach the second site.I did a split-tunnel with  both LA...

VPN between ASR and Draytek 2920

I am trying to set up a L2L VPN between a Cisco ASR1k and a Draytek 2920 router (don't ask! :-)The VPN is failing to build with the following error on the ASR side:Sep 14 18:40:31.124 BST: IPSEC(ipsec_process_proposal): proxy identities not supported...

mmelbourne by Contributor
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EasyVPN Failover

I am setting up EasyVPN with multipule branches to 2 headends. One headend as primary and the other as secondary. In the branch router I am using DPD for failover. Is there a way to control the fail back timer or manual fail back?Here is the scenario...

joe.ho by Beginner
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Unable to communicate with network

Hi,I've just setup the basic configuration of IPSec remote access VPN on our Cisco ASA 5510 using the ASDM's VPN wizard. I was able to connect to the VPN connection however I was unable to ping, telnet, ssh and etc to any devices and servers in the i...

5y5tadmin by Beginner
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Cisco ASA vpn tunnel performance problems

Hi,We have 2x Asa5520 in failover with version 8.3.1.We configured the ssl vpn clients connections, once connected they will use the ASA Internet connection (no split tunneling).The problem is that even if we have a 5mbps ISP connection the clients a...

acleri by Beginner
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ASA VPN Users Internet access

Hello,I am configuring an ASA 5505 for remote users to access a network. VPN users can authenticate against the domain controller, connect and obtain a vaild IP. The local DNS server is resolving domain names for the users as well and the remote user...

Resolved! Trying to set up a VPN

I thought an SSL VPN would be good but everytime I go to connect to it I have click through security warnings and install a securty certificate. Other than that the VPN works, however there will be less tech savy (and paitent) users using this vpn, a...

jsandau by Beginner
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AnyConnect SSL inside IPSEC tunnel

We have internal VPN cluster based on 2 ASA-5520.From inside Cisco networks everything is fine MAC  and Windows AnyConnect clients (v2.5 or v3.0) can connect to it.From otside:MAC with IPSEC client v4.9 nad AnyConnect v2.5 and 3.0 works fineWindows I...

anlyakho by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Multiple interfaces for site-to-site VPN on ASA

Is it possible to segment site-to-site VPN traffic to different output interfaces on the ASA platform.  I would like to direct site-to-site VPNs from partners to a different interface than site-to-site VPNs from corporate sites.

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