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Resolved! Problems with VPN on a PAT router

HelloI have problems getting my VPN to work. I read through various configuration examples but still didn't got it working correctly.Scenario: Connecting with the Cisco VPN Client to my Router from external.Router is working as NAT overload/PAT. Inte...

jemeier89 by Beginner
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VPN Routing Issue with NAT

Hi All,Hope someone can help me? I have a little problem and cant for the life of me fugure it out! In not to bad on Cisco kit but by no means and expert. I have Cisco 2600 at Head Office (192.168.0.xxx Network) and we have a lynksys at our Sat Site ...


Hi,Please I am new about the VPN configuration. I have Cisco ASA 5520. How will I know that my Cisco will support VPN.?Is there any additional module  to be inserted ?thank you and best regards

VPN Site to Site

dear all,i have tow routers 2801 with 2 interfaces - int0/0 is connected with isp and other interface assign with public ipwhat is the best solution to create vpn site to site

m_sherifi by Beginner
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L2L and natting remote side

Need to setup a L2L tunnel, but would like to have remote site be 'natted' to one IP when seen on the network at HQ side. Is this possible?? Ultimately we want to have multiple L2L tunnels. Branch 1 be seen as, branch 2, etc. Is...

clark.d by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco IPSEC VPN - ISAKMP Connection-id

Hi Experts,We have a site to site IPSEC VPN between a Cisco 1801 router and a fortigate 800F firewall.The VPN works, but one quesiton i have is that the Isakmp Conn-id changes extremely frequently, and i just wanted to make sure i understood why.When...

Resolved! ASA 5520 customize logo in clientless vpn portal

Hi everyone:I,m configured the clientless vpn feature in my asa 5520 version 8.2. Now i´m trying to customize the clientless vpn portal. I want to change the Cisco logo in the portal to a corporative logo but i don´t find the option. Besides, i want ...

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