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Resolved! Terminal Server using NM-16A

Hello,I was trying to set terminal server using NM-16A module in Cisco 2651XM router but no luck. I did use 2511 in the past without any issue but i don't know if i'm not doing anything wrong with this module as i never set terminal server with this ...

website redirection over l2l VPN

We have a remote office connected to our head office via a site-to-site VPN (ASA-2-ASA).  At the head office we have an internal intranet that has various links to external websites.  There is one link that is http://main1.domain.com and when you cli...

EZ VPN Clients

I have been looking for a command on ASA that shows the number of EZVPN users online at a time. We are running asa803 code on this platform. I was told that 'show crypto ipsec client ezvpn' would do it, but that command is not valid. Thanks in advanc...

Problem with Remote VPN

Hi,i have configured the remote VPN on a 5505. i am able to VPN from home but when i tried to ping the internal network the success rate is only 20%.The first ping is successful and the remaining ping fails.What could the reson for this? and what all...

Site-To-Site VPN: Can Only Ping In One Direction

Hello all,I'm having some trouble getting a test site-to-site VPN up and running properly. I'm establishing a tunnel between two devices over a LAN, from an SRX100 with JunOS to an ASA 5520. I'm learning how to use both pieces of hardware for the fir...

Resolved! no nat on vpn after vpn

I have a vpn site (my ASA) to site (Supplier) with a nat on outside interface and work well. Rear the vpn (my ASA) I have other vpn site (Branch A) to site (my ASA)  and also work well.My problem is the traffic from my Branch A to Supplier is in clea...

mtrovato by Beginner
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Resolved! Making VPN

Hi,I have UC520 and router 877 with private public ip address in our office, I need to make VPN connection from my home to UC520 to connect my ip communicator, so can I do VPN on my UC520 if you can help me with documentation.regards.

Remote Access IPSec VPN

I need to configure a 1841 router IOS 12.4(2)T to support firewall and remote access VPN, to allow remote users access to corporate LAN resources.To get started, I read the article on how to setup remote access VPN server,https://www.cisco.com/en/US/...

leepeiwai by Beginner
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VPN not connecting.

Using VPN to connect to a 2600 router. Password and ID accepted, then this error presents itself:"No private IP address was assigned by the peer"I'm changing ISPs, and the VPN client works with the Cisco 1800 they have provided. I change...

anyconnect install failed on win 7 x64

Hi,i have problem with AnyConnect during installation. It always fail on status "Removing backup files".We used Anyconnect 2.3.2016 and I upgraded it to 2.4.1012. But when one collegue want to access annyconenct it said that it needs to be upgraded. ...

Dual home VPN tunnel question

For disaster recovery purposes, we have two ASA's.  One is at our main corporate office, the other is at an offsite DR facility.  I have worked up a vpn configuration for the remote offices that should allow them to automatically failover to the DR f...

Cisco NAC and Mac OSX

Can somoene point me to any cisco documents that talk about the NAC agent for Mac's?  trying to get a bit more info on what exactly this agent does.

don.click1 by Enthusiast
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