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Hi,Here's a question that came from our CSC Facebook community.  http://www.facebook.com/CiscoSupportCommunitySariful Palash Dears,I want  to IPSEC VPN in approximate 5 different Network in single Cisco 3800  Series Router..Please give me a Solution(...

Hello,I have a strange problem with a site-to-site VPN. I have it completely configured and I have added 3 of my internal networks to be encrypted and access the remote network on the other side of the tunnel.For some reason, I can access the remote ...

hi friends,i am trying to configure site to site vpn between SA520 and SR520is it possible?because i can't see any site to site config option in SR520 with CCAplz send me the solutionthankscyril

zeuscyril by Level 4
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Hi,I have two sites, say A and B. I need to do VPN between between these two sites.In Site A LAN, we have a server which is NATed to a public IP. In site B, we have another server which is also NATed to a public IP. I need to permit these public IP's...

I have an ASA5520 setup with local DHCP pools for IPSEC clients connecting. I have certain pools assigned to certain connection profiles. i have a user who requires the same IP everytime they connect. what is the best way to accomplish this?Thanks,Si...

Sighclops by Level 1
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Hi allFor a couple off days now, I am trying to resolve the fol lowongissue, I am not really expierenced in ASA's or vpn, so any help will be appreciated.I'm trying so set up an remote access vpn to an asa. butI get he following error:firewall# Sep 2...

Hi Friends,I need to setup lan to lan vpn between ASA(at the remote location) and 7200 router(in our network).<7200 router (IP Add:>------------------(Internet)------------------<(IP Add: ASA(5510)>---- network...

gavin han by Level 1
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Hi all,There is problem with my remote access vpn on my cisco1841.My vpn client have the following error while trying to establish vpn to my 1841. I was prompted for username and password but fail to connect after that.1)No private IP address was ass...

donnie by Level 1
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I have a Cisco ASA 5505 using Cisco anyconnect as it's VPN client. I am trying to joing a computer to the domain via VPN. I have the annyconnect client set up so that it will download on to the client computer and say on there, it will also start up ...

jsandau by Level 1
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Team,Looking at the data sheets and the configuration documentations, I am not finding information as to whether and how we can support VPN connections from iPhones and iPads into an Cisco ASA.Is this via ssl clients and what kind of supportAnyone ha...

I whish to install IPSEC vpn client. During installation I bump into following error message :"Files Needed: The file 'dneinobj.dll' on Deterministic Network Enhancer Disk is needed.  Type the path where the file is located, and then click OK"I have ...

annsofska by Level 1
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