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I have Two ASA  5505's setup in a site to site VPN which works perfectly.  Now I also  need to have remote client VPN access with the Cisco VPN dialer to the  1st site.  I can get the VPN dialer to connect the the VPN and get a VPN  IP address, but I...

We have multiple regional offices that we need to VPN to our primary data center.The regional office have an IPSEC enabled router\firewall and the primary data center has an ASA5500.Instead of creating 20+ vpn tunnels, we are looking to create one tu...

I am looking for a SSL VPN Solution for our Company that would scale to 700+ users in the next few years.  We are currently using the Avetail SSL VPN, and although it does a good job, the licenses are a bit expensive and we do have an opportunity to ...

Dean-VA by Level 1
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hi all , we have a scenario that a pix is installed in a remote site and has a vpn connection with the HQ (ASA 8) , the vpn is up but the I can't ping the LAN from eithwr both sites , but also I can do remote desktop from both sites ?!! can anyone he...

Resolved! Commands for ASA

What is the command to clear the screen? After typing the "show run" command, the screen will display many lines.  If I do not want to continue to see the rest of the config, how do I get out of the "show run" command.Thanks.Debra

Hello, I have an old pix515 witch I changed to ASA 8.04. I use DAP (Dynamic Access Policy) to match policies for the VPN users, I get the policies for the users from an LDAP (matching specific attributes that I have customized).Now I have a problem, ...

Hey guys, thought adding AnyConnect to my otherwise functioning configuration would be an easy job, unfortunately it isnt. I had remote VPN set up and can connect fine but needed to add the webvpn configuration to allow AnyConnect. The issue is whene...

Does any one know if PIX support PPPOA now? In the past that was not support but I am just wondering if Cisco added this in the current version.

dandis by Level 1
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To all,I have a site to site vpn that works fine between Cisco 871 and 2801, however I need all traffic originating from the remote site destined to the internet to go through the host sites Internet access.  I've worked the the ACLs and have got it ...