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Easy VPN Server not working

We have configured the VPN Server on a router Cisco 2821. After configuring the Cisco VPN Client we can stablish the tunnel (the client receives the correct ip address and there are the secure routes configured properly). But from VPN client we canno...

VPN software disappers after hang

Hello,I have a user on my network that took his system home to use it the other night.He had the PC running in one room and the VPN was up and working normally.He unplugged the network cable to move the PC to another room, at that pointthe system hun...

TACACS over site-to-site tunnel

I have a site-to-site ipsec tunnel connection set up between two sites using asa 5520s.  At our main site, all outbound traffic is pat'ed to it's outside interface address, excluding site-to-site ipsec tunnel traffic.  The secondary site tunnels all ...

Resolved! VPN IP Sec problem

Hy all,I have a problem with IPSec VPN established between a PIX 515e and a Nortel contivity 1010. I make the configuration of the tunnel on both side and it works correctly but I can not get communication between the two LANs.I show in the PIX log t...

multitoll by Beginner
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Resolved! Network design help

HelloI have 2 ISPs. I have internal VLANs on PIX1 unit and use ISP1 for that traffic and our main network is on 10.10.10.x. I am planning to build VPNs to all my client networks from ISP2 through a different PIX2 unit. The VPNs are for remote support...

sarat1317 by Beginner
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Slow DMVPN Performance

I have a DMVPN AES/GRE IPSec VPN setup between a 2811 router at my remote site and a 2851 router at my host site.  The ethernet ports on each router connect to a wireless network that has 54 Mbits of capacity. The problem I am having is that my encry...

NPT_2 by Explorer
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Certification server with l2l vpn.

Dear Friends,I am trying to use rsa sig for vpn authentication.some how i setup windows 2003 as ca and my routers acepted certifcates from the ca.But now when i am trying to establish vpn , i get bad certificate error.Please some one help.

Cisco/Linksys QuickVPN Client

I have a user who needs to VPN out of the network to access a database server.  He was told that he need to install the Cisco/Linksys Quick VPN Client, whicn uses ports 443 and 60443.  I of course opened these ports on the ASA firewall, but he cannot...

jdleon by Beginner
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Resolved! VPN Client on Macintosh

The user is running Macintosh, Leopard 10.5.8.  It is a MacBook Pro.  I tried to download the VPN client for the Mac, version  When the VPN client has finished downloading to the desktop and we are ready to install the VPN client, the la...

Need solution

Hi,Here is the requirement:I  have three locations(A,B,C).. Now I looking tunnel redundency.A -- B one tunnel(this should be always primary)A - C on tunnel(This should be always secodary)If the primary is down tunnel traffic should switchover to seco...

Resolved! Static NAT & DMVPN Hub

Hello,I don't think this will be a problem since DMVPN supports spokes behind NAT devices, but I'm planning on changing my network around for security and redudancy reasons and putting a pair of ASA firewalls on my collocation Internet connection.  R...

Resolved! DMVPN Hub IP Address Change

Hello all!I'm upgrading our network envirnment in the next few months to include a redudant Internet connection.  This change is requireing that our ISP switch us from a /30 to a /29.  Currently the 3845 router I have in the /30 subnet is the DMVPN h...

qos pre-classify on a sup720 in a Cat6509

HiI got a Cat6509-NEB-A with a SUP720-3BXL and a SPA-IPSEC-2G. I'm running IOS s72033_rp-ADVIPSERVICESK9_WAN-M), Version 12.2(18)SXF8.There is IPSec in Tunnel Mode with an encrypted IP GRE Tunnel configured to reach 3 Branches.As one branch is implem...

pwenger by Participant
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