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Hi,i have a ASA5520 and a Snapgear. The IPSec tunnel is up and running fine. But i`m not able to access the local LANs on both sides. Here are some Configurations:sh crypt isakmp saActive SA: 1Rekey SA: 0 (A tunnel will report 1 Active and 1 Rekey SA...

thorstenn by Level 4
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I hoping some one can help me, I need to write a configure so that I can set up a tunnel between a static address router and a dynamic address router.I know I need to use mGRE and NHRP but I can seem to get it working.Don't suppose any one has a base...

Hi all!Part OneI have successfully setup Anyconnect VPN into our c2821  using MS Active Directory & Cisco Secure ACS v.4.2 Radius Server  authentication for windows clients.I have successfully setup  authentication into Windows using Aladdin eToken a...

Hi All,Need you guys advise on this. I have multiple ASA firewalls in Asia region to provide SSL-VPN (Clientless-VPN) access to corporate network. Example, Hong Kong and Singapore.When users in Singapore travelled to HongKong, they cant use the SSL-U...

smart5 by Level 1
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Configuration below. I have CEF turned off, trying to get internet access for SSL VPN clients without split-tunnel. How do I accomplish this with IOS VPN?thanks-webvpn gateway gateway_1 ip address   http-redirect port 80 ssl trustpoint TP-self-signe...

Aaron D by Level 1
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Hi,Im having issues with a GRE Tunnel interface dropping, we have two central site VPN routers in different DC's, the remote site router has a GRE tunnel to each central site route running OSPF across the tunnels.The MTU are set the same on all tunne...

dkirby by Level 1
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Hi,I have several site-to-site VPNs from small offices, to the main office.Is possible to do a single configuration for all the VPNs on the "vpn server"(ISR 1801) or I always need to add a entry for each VPN subnet? If so, is possible with CCP?Regard...

nunojpg00 by Level 1
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Hi,We have a site to site VPN between a checkpoint and a asa5505. Everything is working fine. We would now like to monitor the asa5505 from our monitoring server which is behind the checkpoint.I have configured the snmp community. When I check the lo...

Dear all, i configured site to site VPN bettween my company head office PIX 515E and my company branch ASA 5510, it was working properly, but, suddenly it didn't work any more.i typed debug crypto isakmp 7on each firewall side and outputs are attache...