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Hi, I'm practicing a little with 2 routers CISCO 2811 and 2621. I made the basic configuration for an IPSec connection but the tunnel doesn't seem to come up. Also, I can ping each other router's external interface but I can't ping the inside network...

I have a User trying to connect to vpn from MAC OS X Ver 10.5.6. Please suggest the anyclient version compatible on MAC Air. Also is there any specific configuration required on the ASA device to provide this user with SSL VPN clientless connection.

I'm currently testing an ASA 5520 to provide remote access to a network via IPSec. Everything is working fine, and when the clients connect to the ASA via IPSec, they get an IP address assigned from a DHCP server on the inside network. IP address ass...

good morning,I have users located outside the United States that VPN to our system. once connected they pull an address from the pool designated for them. they are however unable to connect to the internet once connected. I don't want to use split...

i am trying to have sharepoint folder being made accessible via ssl webvpn. I did put in web acl with its ip and some known ports,but it doesnt work. Is that since the share point is usually like //abcd/path1, i cant filter by ip rules.Please advise....

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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I have begun to sue 1811, 12.4(6)T11.I cannot access SDM from outside of the network. Client computers in the network can connect internet. Interestingly, when I try this from the network, it works.http://globa_ip_on_fe0_of_router/But, this does not ...

hsauwcusa by Beginner
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Hi,ASA5540 firewall throughput is 650Mbps, 3DES/AES VPN throughput is 325Mbps.Is the firewall total throughput 650M+325M? Or 650M?thanks,

VanessaW by Beginner
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Resolved! VPN Throughput

I just set up a point to point VPN tunnel between a central 3825 and two remote 2811's over a 100Mb link via Ethernet. I'm using AES256 encryption for isakmp and ipsec. Speeds w/o the tunnel active between the remote and central site are 60-70Mb. Spe...

b.gamble by Beginner
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We have a rule in our ASA5510 that allows IP to flow between two interfaces. I am puzzled by the fact this rule also allows TCP connections to be made. Can anybody tell me how?Thanks, Ray

rayleask1 by Beginner
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Hi Guys,Do you have experience with SR520-FE-K9? Would it work fine for IPSEC/GRE/OSPF for internal connectivity and more than one ISP (BGP to be used L3VPN). We are talking about less then 5 users in the remote office, of course.Regards,Mladen

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