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Hi,We are planning to have AIM/EPII cards on our 2600 series router. This is done particularly for VPN configurations. How does this card helps in the VPN ( complex math algoritms - encry and decry ) . Is it not possible to have VPN by having enterpr...


I have a site to site tunnel between Cisco 2821 router with Version 12.4(13r)T and Netscreen firewall, the tunnel is up and all things seem to be working but it flaps all the time.I get following error continuously: %CRYPTO-6-IKMP_MODE_FAILURE: Proce...

ajaylandge by Beginner
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Resolved! Skinny inspect

Hi, i'm running Callmanager behind Cisco ASA 8.0(4) version, remotes parties comunicates well. The problem is that another application recently added needs to run over port tcp 2000 (on another ip address), and it's no working; i suposse this is beca...

2 tier security for remote vpn?

Hi,I have a cisco PIX 501 in which remote VPN is configured for our company. Currently, for the remote users, the authentication is just a vpn groupname and a password. All the users use the same credentials for logging in. Can I have separate remote...

Problem with remote access to ISDN Router

Hello,I have the current setup:PC->ISDN modem->PSTN->PBX->MGCP Voice gateway-> CCM -> H323 Voice Gateway w/vwic-2bri-nt/te->ISDN routerWhen i try to dialin to the ISDN Router from the PC I see the call made successfully but disconnects after 10 secon...

ASA5505 2nd Site-to-Site config

I have a working Site-to-Site on my ASA5505I have to configure a 2nd VPN, identical to teh existing VPN (obviously using different IPs & key)this is the existing VPN config:access-list SITE1_FIX extended permit ip host 192.168.x.y host A.B.C.Dcrypto ...

ofir by Beginner
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TFTP over IPSec L2L

Hello All. We are having an issue getting TFTP to work over an LAN-2-LAN IPsec tunnel using NAT (on both sides of the tunnel). We have run capture on both the ASAs and the TFTP client and Server. What appears to be happening is that the random UDP...

skumpf by Beginner
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Hi, I set up DMVPN using a 7600 with VPN SPA as the hub router. I used crypto-connect mode on the 7600 with tunnel protection on the Hub MGRE and also tunnel protection at the spoke GRE. There is a static route to the outside interface that points to...

Supporting / migrating to Any Connect

We have been using the standard VPN client and concnetrator for sevaral years. We now have several users that have purchased new PCs and with them the 64 bit OS. From what I have seen so far Any Connect is the only option for the 64 bit OS but it is ...

bberry by Beginner
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Redundant VPN support b/w Pix and Routers

I've tried to get a redundant VPN setup going between my PIX at one end and two routers at the remote office end. But it just doesn't work? ISAKMP negotiations happen, but phase two doesnt start. I turned on the debug's but couldnt make sense of it. ...

VPN s2s tunnel after PAT and NAT on non-cisco

hello!I have cisco 1711. on LAN there is ZYXEL firewall. I have tried to establish s2s tunnel betwenn this LAN zyxel and other Zyxel on the other side with WAN.cisco:interface Serial0 description Polaczenie do Internetu$FW_OUTSIDE$ bandwidth 2048 ...

UC520 Site-to-Site VPN

Hi there,We are trying to connect to UC520 devices to eachother with an site-to-site ipsec VPN. The one site has LAN range 192.168.2.x and the other site has LAN range 192.168.1.x We followed many articles but the result is that the tunnel will not g...

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