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2811 Tunnel with CTI IPSec

I have setup 2811 routers with tunnel interfaces protected with IPSec via the CTI tunnel profile. Doing this makes the tunnel interface work at 8 Mbps max. I am assuming this is because of the IPSec is encrypting in software.If I were to get the AIM-...

connectone by Enthusiast
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VPN client connectivity issue

Dear All,I am trying to establish a remote vpn connection to my Router version 4.0.4, but it is unable to connect,.,The same time when i try to connect, i receive a message on router,*May 22 04:54:00.479: %CRYPTO-6-IKMP_MODE_FAILURE: Processing of Ag...

junshah22 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cannot telnet ASA from remote through VPN

Hi,I have set up a VPN between two sites using two cisco asa. The VPN works perfectly, but I cannot telnet, ssh or run ASDM on the remote ASA, i.e. if I am in LAN 1, I cannot telnet, ssh or run ASDM on ASA2 and viceversa.Just for testing, the whole n...

sandman42 by Beginner
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SSL VPN idle timouts

I'm wondering how the ASA determines time out values for a SSL VPN connection. Specifically, what is the mechanism? If it looks at generated traffic through the connection, an end user could apply a persistant ping to keep the connection open. I thou...

Anyconnect SSL cert question

Hi,Do I need to buy/create an SSL cert to use the anyconnect SSL VPN option?I went the the wizard on the ASA and got it working but how do I know if a cert is being used or where the ASA has created one etc?Thanks

Restrict PPTP & Lan Access

Hi,I have an 851 router which is configured for IPSEC Vpn Tunnel PPTP & Internet access.I have 15 or so machines that need to communicate with each other the other 10 or so are managed internally but will also be managed externallyThe current config ...

IPSec tunnel not renewing SA

I have two 2821 routers running an internet P2P IPSec tunnel. Its been working fine for 2 years. Now the tunnel will just not renew its SA about once a day. Have to reload the router to get it back. Put debugs in today but it has not done it sinc...

Crypto Tunnel not restablishing

Hey Guys,I have a number of 877s connecting to a VPN 3000 concentrator via ADSL internet circuits. When the connection drops out, they do not restablish the crypto session automatically, it can take a few hours or not at all, until i "Clear crypto sa...

Resolved! how to copy tftp to remote site through VPN

I know by setting management interface ASA can ping or telnet/SSH to the inside interface of the remote ASA through VPN. But it doesn't work for TFTP. Is there a way to copy config to TFP server in remote site through VPN and using source interface a...

Setting up a 2621 Remote Access Server.

Hello, I've tried to search for answers to my problem. But I only found posts from a year ago that didn't show me anything. For my company I'm trying to devlope a terminal server that will allow me to ship out a unit to a tech in a different part of ...

crice by Beginner
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ASA 5500 Series capabilities with LDAP

Hello forum,I would like to know if the ASA5500 is capable of doing, without an external radius server, the AAA process against a generic ldap directory?And if it can, can it compare encrypted passwords? ( I allready have a wireless controller that c...

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