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I'm using a command:access-list 101 extended permit ip 192.168.x.x eq 80but everytime I put it in it says eq is invalid.

mkingcsnm by Level 1
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I have an ASA 5510 that has Remote Access VPN and a Lan-To-Lan set up and working great. Local nets and users on the RA net can access networks across the Lan-To-Lan no issues. I added a second Lan-To-Lan to another site and only the local network ca...

macmad by Level 1
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Ok I have a Cisco ASA 5510 using ASA v8.0(2). I have 3 of the interfaces using internal IP's for different network segments and one interface for the outside WAN. I've been reading the Cisco guides on setting static NAT between the internal interface...

It seems that in order to enable dhcprelay on the ASA you have to point the relay out the outside interface. Can anyone say for sure if this traffic is still getting encrypted when using the ASA as an EZVPN NEM client?I haven't had a chance to test ...

sbrooke by Level 1
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Does anyone see something that would stop a remote vpn connection from working? My L2L works like a champ. I can connect via the Remote VPN client fine, but I cannot talk to anything on the network. I do not see any routes show up under my softwar...

Hello.I'm looking for a ASDM guide to implement L2L tunnel between a ASA 5510 with static ip and a device with a dynamic ip. I relly suck when it comes to CLI so I would like some help setting this up via ASDM. I've got it working once but that was a...

Json12345 by Level 1
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If I have a pix 501, and I have both a nat 1 statement and a global 1 statement, but I also have a "static (inside,outside)" command, does this static statement make it do a No NAT situation, if my internal network of the pix is...

Is there any way that the cisco ssl vpn relay activex control for the ASA 5500 for Web vpn can be extracted so that on the bookmark page I can have the user in stall it before they log into the application. The problem I am having is that when the u...

Hi All,I am having Cisco channelized E1/T1 card which have been configured properly. On my router I can seen 1-31 serial interfaces and have configured Interface 16(D Channel) and can dial out.My requirement is this,I have nearly 26 branch offices cu...

Hi all In one of our customer network,ip addres between ASA outside and Internet router is private ip and the Public ip range from Service provider is routed to Firefall outside (private IP).In this scenario is it possible to create L2L VPN and Re...

anva12345 by Level 1
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Hello,We have bought a Cisco 871 Router, and I cant seem to find out if we need to purchase licenses to use the VPN on this box.Is the Cisco VPN client software licensed through the Cisco router or do we need to buy licenses for each user connecting ...

Hi Folks - I have a vendor that needs remote access to some of the equipment we have on our network. I want to restrict VPN access (client based) for this vendor to only those specific IP addresses. I am thinking of doing so by specifiying only the l...

show crypto key mypubkey rsa - shows me all my keypair/certs; some are no longer in use and I'd like to delete them, but cannot see how.I've tried every clear crypto command that looks like its associated with keys/certs to no avail.Running v8.0(4)Th...