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I need to enable logging on an IOS 871 router so we can be able to tell when and what time the users made a Cisco VPN Remote Access connections?Can anyone please help on pointing me on what are the commands to allow this?thank you

insccisco by Level 1
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Hi,I have an ASA 5510 just added to my network. I have an internet router(connecting to the outside interface of the ASA) and the following interfaces: inside,DMZ1 and DMZ2.I have the followings: LAN network connecting to the inside interface,server1...

Hi This is my first time to aks you a question.I'm expecting for your response. my question is : our company use a L2TP access applition. there are about several thousands of terminal dial in using l2TP protocol . in order to the security and reliabi...

I am trying to setup a fileshare for users based on the LDAP Session Attribute that defines the users home directory. Is it possible to take the information from that attribute and create a cifs bookmark with the results.

rluyster by Level 1
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Hi, webvpn with asa 8.0.x. Some url links, with an owa access. I'd like to enable a domain field on owa authentication instead of domain\user.With the old vpn concentrator, the user can fill the domain field.thanks

Good morning,I have a Cisco 1841 with 1 hwic-4esw module and 2 fastethernet.The 2 fastethernet are connected to 2 adsl modems.I want to use fe0/0 to connect to another office via vpn and fe0/1 to navigate the web etc...How do I configure nat on the t...

rraimondi by Level 1
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Hi,On my remote end I have a ASA 5505 initiating an IPSEC site to site tunnel to my head end (5540). We have multiple sites connecting to this 5540 with the same exact config at each remote end.What's different with this particular remote site is the...

stevenlau by Level 1
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Hi,Id like to configure Remote Access VPN on an 1861 for teleworkers who will use Cisco VPN client to access head office where the 1861 is located.I was hoping to use SDM or CCA to point and click my way through the setup as I'm not a security guru, ...

eoinwhite by Level 1
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I have a fail over VPN Site to Site VPN solution that I inherited when hired a couple months ago. I understand the interesting traffic Permit ACL but there is also a extremly large deny ACL. I am trying to follow the packet so I can explain the entir...

agrayson by Level 1
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Hi the problem that i am having is that once i am connected i can ping or connect to anything from the remote host. but i can ping the remote host from inside the network. i think the problem that i am having are related to the NAT settings that are ...

I was looking at this example, but I don't have a VPN Service Module on our 6500:http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk583/tk372/technologies_configuration_example09186a00800f6d82.shtmlI'm wondering if this is even possible without the VPN Service Module...

Derek Lee by Level 1
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