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I have a client that wants to be able to RDP and ping workstations that are connected to the internal network via a SVC client. He can see the clients in ASDM monitoring but he can't ping through ASDM. There are no firewalls enabled and when he tr...

Hi folks,I've to implement a PPPoE solution, with ppp authentication chap and LLQ for voice traffic. The client will be a 871, the RAS a 7200. I've no experience about vpdn/bba-group/etc... so any advice about the best way to follow will be appreciat...

ariela by Enthusiast
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Hi How to config vpn client to access pix 7.0(1) with local user login or RADIAS server? Could send a document?Thanksben

bma by Beginner
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Working through SNRS Greg Bastien.I cannot work out what the Security lifetime is used for in Global config mode. I configured the lifetime parameters for both the IKE phase 1 and IPSEC 'crypto map' but then when I did :'show crypto ipsec security-as...

Hello:I have to setup a router to router VPN connection between 2 remote offices and have never done a config like this before.Can anyone point me to any resources that can guide me through this or provide any config examples?Thanks

dj214 by Beginner
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We do have an IPSec tunnels created on a 2621 router. Recently we are facing a problem. The EIGRP relationship (the Tunnels) are going down at a particular time every day (around 10:45 am local time daily)The configuration on the router is as follows...

Our company has bought some HP iPAQs and we want to be able to connect them to our network via VPN.We have a Cisco Pix running 7.1.4 and it is already configured to accept Cisco VPN clients.I have read about the Movian client for the iPAQs.Can anyone...

After installing Cisco VPN client software, ver. on my WinXP SP2 box, sessions using standard Windows VPN and Remote Desktop freeze once connected. If I change the remote desktop setting to 256 colors and none of the advanced settings, I...

I have been looking for a way to set a specific idle time timeout on individual tcp connections. I would like to get more granular than the global timeout for all connections (timeout conn h:m:s). I have been looking at the modular policy framework b...

We have VPN client that needs to be rolled by AD. CSCse00525 is raised but I could not see any fix yet.Is there a version of VPN client that can be deployed by AD ? The previous (but vulnerable) version 4.05 was deployed using AD.txsSerha...

s.uslay by Beginner
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i am working on a setup wherein we have configured remote access vpn for our customers using a vpn concentrator 30xx series herein we are able to establish the ipsec tunnel and reach all the subnets on the inside of the concentrator however the dns r...

tchacko by Contributor
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