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I have a 2611XM with a NM-1CE1T1-PRI connected to a PRI from a previous project. How can I go about setting this up as a RAS server? I'd like it to be able to recieve calls from both 56k modems and ISDN modems. Is this possible?

dkroske by Beginner
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Hi,We have two pairs of ASA5520's, one sitting in front of the other, to create a DMZ and a Secure zone for our database servers. What is the normal practice for allowing VPN access to the Secure zone when it is behind two sets of firewalls? - Do you...

alitster by Beginner
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hi looking for advice on what people would reccommend from there experience the best way to setup a vpn from a cisco 837 termination on a pix 506 , cheers for any advice Mark

mark007uk by Beginner
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Hi everybody, I'm working on a VPN hub-to-spoke design with 100s of spokes. Some of the sites will be very remote and it is not always possible in some countries to get an internet connection with a static IP address.Please correct my ass...

mstreet by Beginner
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Hi all, If I have a vpn client network off my firewall, Is it possible for me to only give certain users access to servers, with them having dhcp I gather I couldnt configure an access list ?

Hello,Just wondering if it is a possible to configure a Cisco 2611XM for SHDSL using an external modem such as the RAD product ASMi-52 which does the line sync for you.The CHAP authentication needs to be done by the router behind it (2611XM in this c...

ross by Beginner
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Dear All,I have created a VPN between PIX 501 with OS 6.3 and 515E with OS 7.0VPN status is good but i am unable to ping to the inside interface of both sides.Could you please help me how to set the routing for private addresses in VPN and also how c...

Hi, I am a programmer working in Los Angeles, CA. my company allowed me to work through VPN while i am in india for sometime but now they say there could be legal issues of using VPN outside the united states of America.my company uses licensed versi...

Hi,I have upgraded to Version 7.2(1) on my PIX515e and am having a few problems.First off, when a home user connects remotely to the PIX using IPSec VPN w/ Pre-Shared Keys, it now asks for a User/Password combo, and the VPN will establish if the user...

When i try to run the vpn client on more than one computer to connect to a remote network, both connections fail. Everything works fine when i have a single computer connected with the vpn client, but as soon as i try to connect the other, both of th...

snodogg21 by Beginner
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Here's my issue, I have a 3rd party device that is on the local side of my Cisco ASA 5510 VPN router. This device needs to create a VPN tunnel through the 5510 router to a remote device, my issue is that i only have 1 ip address. I spoke with Cisco...

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