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Hello all,I would like your input on designing a VPN solution given the following:Right now, the customer has a single office. I will be setting up a Cisco 1811w for them, and its main functions will be wireless access, firewall with CBAC, and EZVPN ...

spejic by Level 1
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I am trying to setup my first 501 to 501 vpn and I'm having some difficulties. I have attached both configs. Site A is a PIX dedicated to this VPN, and Site B is the remote sites primary firewall. Any help would be greatly apprectiated!! I am sett...

rmeder by Level 1
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Configuring site-to-site VPN on 2821. Remote endpoint is 7206. On 2821, have 2 active interfaces, serial facing the ISP and Ethernet facing LAN. Tunnel endpoint on 2821 is terminating on LAN facing Ethernet interface. Question is this, do I need ...

ahensel by Level 1
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Hi,I have a 2611xm router with VPN/firewall image sitting on the edge for mobile users if they want to access the corporate information.the problem that i have is that when these users access the exchange through the VPN, they can not open the outloo...

Hi,i have a hub and 8 spoke connected through Frame Relay WAN. (HUB:3825; Spoke: 1751)I was thinking about the best NPN implementation, and i think it's Eazy VPN.about the authentication i'm thinking about RSA signature.do u have config. documents to...

I mapped 2 ports on the Linksys router to the main computer on the LAN side. The Cisco 1700 is between the Linksys and the T1 line. I am getting to the main computer, but I can not get the data base on the computer via internet. Do I need to map the ...

Hi,everyoneI have a client who is a present for Broadcast TV University(many students can study at home instead of sitting in the teaching room through network video from this University in China).A 10 G campus network that border is a 100M optical ...

We replaced a PIX 501 at our headoffice with 2811, IOS- advanced Security, version 12.4(8). We cannot get our VPN working. Everything else is working as it should be. Here is our VPN config from 2811*****************************************crypto isa...