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in routers we get BRI port with S/T or U interface.so if we dont have a BRI port....can we use serial port for isdn if yes how we will cponfigure that and what equ would b needed more thanks in advance

Resolved! Vpn group password

We have a vpn group configured on vpn Concentrator 3030. Is there a way to display the vpn group password in clear text, we don't want to change it since we are not sure how many people use it? Many thanks,

Hello,I am setting up a vpn between the above routers. I am using the VTI method with a tunnel interface. I have the tunnel up right now using the default GRE mode. Now I want to use ipsec, I have everything set up but need to turn on ipsec for th...

Hi everybody we have an access server (cisco as5300)its not my first time to configure one of them but now in this case i have a problem.we have E1 for dial-up users they can connect and everything is good but after 2 hours everything is change and n...

Hai every one.i would like to get more details on connecting more VPN sites or servers (both could be of CISCO or one CISCO and the other CHECK POINT VPN Secure Client Conection)through a single system running VPN client on it. the system has dsl, br...

girish_rh by Beginner
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I have many Cisco Clients 4.0.3 deployed and they usually dial in with VPN and NAT-T.I upgraded from 7.0.4 to 7.1 and suddenly NAT-T does not work anymore, no client is able to connect if behind a nat device anymore. It works if the client is not beh...

rfabbri by Beginner
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I'm able to establish a lan-to-lan tunnel between my vpn3000 concentrator and a partner (using checkpoint or netscreen gateway) but i can't see host on the remote lan.During a ping , i see my 'bytes Tx' counter increments but the Rx stays on 0.thanks...

morgsizun by Beginner
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Resolved! Remote Access VPN

I'm trying to migrate some Remote Access VPNs for some power admins from a router to an ASA 5500. The profile I'm using is vpnclient. When I add the access-lists to reach the inside networks (10.200 and 10.25) All that shows up on the route print ...

Hi allI have a problem with a VPN connection between two sites. The VPN Tunnel is connected between an ASA and a Checkpoint Firewall. I'm responsible for the ASA.The situation:I have two networks on both Ends of the VPN tunnels with the same IP Subne...

pat1848 by Beginner
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871 on 12.4 with EasyVPN thru dslAnytime, user access sharepoint files, the following symptoms:1. Loses VPN when trying to saveor2. Opening excel on sharepoint hangs Thanks

aamercado by Enthusiast
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Greetings,I have an IPSEC VPN set up on a PIX 506e for inbound traffic into the inside of the network. I also have a DMZ set up for wireless, trunked from a 2950. The wireless DMZ works great, and outside access works from both the inside and the D...

SomeClown by Contributor
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