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Hello Forum,I have a question regarding the x25 alias command. Is it possible to code the same alias to more than one interfaces? I mean, let's say I have 40 serial x.25 interfaces with each his own x.121 address. Is it possible to separate them into...

Im running a lab combined with production test where we have desktop device traffic travelling over a pix to pix ipsec tunnel, itself which is tunnelled over a pix to pix ipsec tunnel, transiting over a provided MPLS segment (the MPLS which i have no...

Hi all, i just wanted to confirm that is PIX OS vary on every platform or same for all platform for eg 506 , 515 etc?one more qn when u r upgrading pix it will ask activation key or it will take from the OS ?Thanx in advance .Rgds,Rajesh

Hi,Please can i have a successful link to download documentation about configuring VPN on perr-to-perr link ?Thanks

dom.a by Level 1
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Hello,I am setting up site-to-site ipsec over a Metro-Ethernet link. 90% of the applications seem to be working right but some particular applications fail. I have already configured "crypto ipsec df-bit clear" in both routers and I don't have erro...

ct_yau by Level 1
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Hello,We have a series of VPN tunnels off of our Cisco PIX 506E. Does anyone know how we can kill one tunnel, but leave the others remaining?PIX OS: 6.3.4Thanks,Dave

dwalsh by Level 1
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Hello,I have begun watching router interfaces for input errors in an attempt to respond proactively to WAN issues.During this process, I noticed something that seems strange. The spoofing BRI0/0 interface (we use ISDN dial for backup) is showing inpu...

I have the following issueone site with a PIX and the other with a ConcentratorVPN tunnel between themthey have onverlaping networks, and I need the PIX side to do NAT for traffice before it goes into the tunnel, can the PIX do this, like the concent...

arnis by Level 1
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How do I apply a filter to a LAN-to-LAN connection?Do rules need to exist for both inbound and outbound traffic? (If a rule allows host A to communicate with host B, then a similar rule is required to allow host B to communicate with host A?)If so, d...

Hi I have a site to site vpn setup and working fine. Lets say the private addresses on two ends are and Now, I need to reach an address using a gateway at through VPN from Is ths possible? I added an acces...

I am using 1751 serie router with 1-Adsl WIC to connect to the ISP for the internet access. Wan IP is dynamic.My router act as dhcp server for my local net and nat is implemented.Question: how can I allow the router to forward IP protocols from/to th...