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Looking for CPE Commander 1.4.2 as referenced:(http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/sw/netmgtsw/ps783/prod_release_note09186a00800eaa3d.html)However, the downloads section does not contain this file. Does anyone have a valid link to this file?Also, i...

feanacar by Level 1
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ask expert one question,site-to-site VPN connection.e.g, I have one file which size is 10,000 bytes will be sent over the VPN tunnel, the 10,000 bytes files will be fragmented by 1500bytes, totally, there are 7 packets(not sure the encryped packets h...

study_voip by Level 1
  • 11 replies
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I jsut installed a new PIX 506 w/ Ver 6.3.4 and now i cant get to any of my clients VPN's I have several clients that use a PIX as a Client to Site VPN Endpoint and some use a 3005 now i cant connect to them. some let me authenticate but i cant pass...

jcleary by Level 1
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I have a 1200 user deployment and there are a few users that get the error "FW security vpn connection terminated by peer 435/firewall policy mismatch"....On the 3030 we have firewall required and we push the policy CPP. What is it on the client pc t...

deardley by Level 1
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I am trying to setup a vpn connection using Cisco vpn client 4.6 and PIX 6.3. My problem is when I try to connect from the client, I get an error message says that “Unable to connect with the remote device"My pix outside is connect to a internet rout...

Dear allI am using pix 515. I have one system (sys1) in dmz. one of my company partner wants to access the system using site to site vpn. site to site vpn has been established. Partner can reach my network using their private ip and vice versa. Probl...

ansar by Level 1
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Hello,I have a 3620 NM-6DM router with a PRI interface. Is is actually used to accept incoming calls from analog or digital modem.Is it possible to make outgoing calls from this router? Actually I want to call modem that are attached to server for ma...

rdubo by Level 1
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Hello,We are using check point VPN client in our LAN , previously ever thing was working fine but now as we have implemented PIX firewall in our LAN we are unable to connect the Check point Policy server .If any one also faced similar problem than pl...

I am trying to establish a VPN LAN-2-LAN Tunnel from a Cisco 2621XM to a VPN3030 Concentrator. The 2621 connects to ADSL services through one interface using PPPoE client in IOS, it receives the IP through PPPoE,this one is static !! The...

hbaumbach by Level 1
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This is to inform you that I have configured Dial on Cisco router1751/k9 when ISDN link goes down then secondary link should be dial automatically but it is not running any body could you help mepk_iblqta_ra#sh runBuilding configuration...Current con...

amirs71 by Level 1
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reading on the net http://www.oissg.org/content/view/116/63/ about possible SHA1 demise due to Chinese University research paper showing a crack of the SHA1 code?Is the PIX 501 3DES/AES VPN/SSH/SSL version vulnerable to this problem?

I currently have a 3005 concentrator for remote vpn tunnels and vpn client access. I have approx. 6 remote IPsec tunnels and also remote vpn client access configured on the current 3005. I had a 2nd 3005 running only 1 wireless connection that I ha...

b.eman by Level 1
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Hi, I am try to use site to site VPN through VPN concentrator 3030 at both side. Site A has a lan Ip address 192.168.1.x/24 and my side IP address is 172.16.1.x/24. Now when source packet from 192.168.1.x subnet come to my VPN, I want to NAT it to 1...

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