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1750 for client VPN

I'm looking for a procedure for setting up a 1750 router to accept VPN clients and authenticate to Active Directory.

lpetty by Beginner
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Can I use VPN3030 for site-to site and remote access VPN ?

Hi , Can I use both function for two VPN function in same box ? Do I use same pre-shared key for both ?My network is : VPN3030--pix(local)-internet--pix(remote)My need: VPN3030 ipsec with pix(remote) vpnclient from internet connect to vpn3030. Qu...

jhlin by Beginner
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IPsec thru Pix not Working

Greetings,I'm stuck right now. Wonder if anyone can help me figure out what I'm doingwrong. Here is my setup: A B C3640 w/VPN Accelerator <----> 520 Pix running 6.2(2) <-----> Internet <----> 501 Pix running 6.2(2)with Inter...

Cisco 1710 vpn with mobile user

Hi! I've got a question, My setup is : Internet -- > Cisco 1710 <--- Lan I'm using the 1710 for nat. It's connected on internet via pppoe with dynamic ip.I want to use the cisco 1710 to become a vpn server for mobile user, Does this configuration is ...

mdeziel by Beginner
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Resolved! VPN connection issue from a shared cable modem connection

Couple of my users at a remote location shares a cable modem connection using a Linksys 4 port router. They connect to main campus using VPN. When they both try to connect using VPN to the main campus only one can connect at a time. We have VPN conce...

ntalati by Beginner
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Resolved! VPN and MTU issues

Recently I setup a 1721 running IOS c1700-k9o3sy7-mz.122-15.T5.binThis router terminated a VPN with another router, a 1721 with the exact same IOS version. This router was initialy connected via a wireless WAN link out eth0. We moved them on to a t1 ...

grunky by Beginner
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Router VPN and tunnel default gateway

The VPN 3000 concentrator has the ability to change the default gateway of it's tunneled traffic (tunnel default gateway), which allows all the VPN traffic to have a default gateway that is different from the VPN concentrator. Does the same feature e...

cboland by Beginner
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connctivity issues in a PIX to PIX VPN

Hi AllI have setup a site to site VPN using PIX firewalls at both ends.The connectivity works fine when interesting traffic is generated from my network to the remote network and we see hits in the access-list on both PIXs. However when my counterpar...

ravik77 by Beginner
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Strange behaviour for VPN client behind PAT

I was trying to set up 5 VPN clients(version 3.6) behind a PAT device at a remote site office towards a VPN3000(at central site).I have turned on the NAT-traversal but anyone time only 2 clients can connect to the VPN3000. When the third client start...

bvvaidya by Beginner
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