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Is there any issue with something like the following configuration on the ASA(don't currently have any IKEv2 tunnels defined): crypto map outside_map 10 match address Tunnel1crypto map outside_map 10 set peer a.b.c.dcrypto map outside_map 10 set ikev...

Hey all - I am currently running a ASA 5525X in multiple context mode. I will be standing down one of the contexts in the near future. The plan is to extract the running-config of that context and apply it to a ASA 5505. It appears that you are unabl...

gneal by Level 1
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I have an issue with using RDP via AnyConnect VPN which I am unsure how to solve.  We use AnyConnect to connect to a VPN and then access a remote PC via Remote Desktop Connection. Each user is assigned their own user account on the remote PC with the...

Hello,I have a cisco FTD in version 6.6 and it is being managed by FMC, I have problems with vpn pptp, after researching the cisco community and some documentation I created a flexconfig to activate the pptp inspect in ftd. After that it started to c...

Hi all, I have a case that requires setting up a VPN with a backup link for remote-office back to HQ.HQ will have two WAN links. 1 for primary and 1 for secondary.The remote office will only use the backup link when the primary link is not reachable....

owen2 by Level 1
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Hi there,My Per-App VPN needs to support both IOS and Android devices.  Should i have it under two separate custom attributes as below?  anyconnect-custom-data perapp PerApp eJyrVnLOLE7Od84vqCzKTM8oUbJSgrMVNJI1FYwMDEwUwGoUgiuLS1Jzi3UUPPOS9ZR0lFxSyzKT...

Hi All,New to Cisco, but I have managed to setup a IPSEC VPN from a checkpoint appliance to a Cisco ISR 1100. I have a private network on both sides, I have really inconsistent ping results at best, and can't really communicate in between the 2 segme...

aastaguy by Level 1
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