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Passing SAP traffic thru VPN IPSec

Hi all,I'm currently having difficulties passing SAP traffic thru a site-to-site Crypto tunnel setup between a Cisco 7206VXR and Nortel box. Ping and Traceroute works fine but SAP application is apparently having problems. Had tried to pass the same ...

ron-tan by Beginner
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Overlapping IP Address problem for VPN Clients

Hi,We have a few VPN Clients connecting to VPN 3005 concentrator using SBC Cable.SBC Cable gives these users Private IP Addresses in\16 range and then does NAT.Unfortunately we also have\16 as one of our corporate subnets.Users ...

mnlatif by Participant
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VPN into PIX Inside interface

I'm aware that the PIX won't pass traffic back out of the interface it arrived on. But does the same rule apply if the inbound traffic is via a VPN, if a VPN connection is established to the inside interface will traffic then be allowed to exit that ...

VPN client 3.6.3(A)

Hi, I have a problem with this client. I can't connect with a router 837 with this IOS c837-k9o3sy6-mz.122-13.ZH.bin.The configuration of the router is:Router_Adsl#sh runversion 12.2no service padhostname Router_Adsl!username xxxx password 0 xxxxaaa ...

pgasol by Beginner
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Currently, I have a VPN setup for remote users (using Cisco client 4.0.3) to access internal network and access internet. How do I force the traffic for a certain netblock to go through the VPN tunnel instead of going to the Internet? Any suggestion ...

duyngo by Beginner
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VPN 3005 concentrator login history

I was asked for some login history for a certain individual, but cannot locate a place it may be found on the concentrator. There is a place to view recent sessions, but other than that our Radius server would be the only other place I can think o...

jlandis by Beginner
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I have installed Cisco VPN Client 4.0.2 on my desktop computer at home. I am running XP Pro, and connect to the internet via DSL through a Linksys router/switch. The network at work is accessed by a Cisco 3000 VPN Concentrator. when I attempt to c...

wamserb by Beginner
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VPN and Outlook 2k/Exchange 5.5 problem

Has anyone had any problems with 4.0.2d and Outlook 2k/Exchange 5.5? Able to ping the Exchange server but not able to connect through Outlook. Seems to only be a problem with XP users trying to connect.

A-NORMAN by Beginner
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VPN client 4.0.2

I cannot get the Cisco VPN client 4.0.2 to connect with Cisco Secure ACS 2.6 through a pix firewall. A secure connection can not seem to be established and the connection just seems to hang for a while and then prompt an error saying that it can't c...

VPN behind NAT and split tunnel?

I have a client that is trying to VPN to their network. Using the 4.x version of the Cisco VPN client they connect to all resources but are unable to access local network. They are using a private IP behind a NAT device. With the MS client, they are ...

paarlberg by Beginner
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