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I need your advice on an issue we currently are facing. We have end users who remotely connect to our systems using Cisco anyconnect agent, When have create standard groups where there are allowed to login between 8:00 AM to 4: PM i.e from Mon-Fri. w...

I have a VPN tunnel between my company an a remote user.  I need to block ALL telnet and ssh to the remote user BUT I still need to be able to telnet through the VPN to the remote user.  There will only be router to router telnet accessing so I am no...

Does anyone have an example (or can point me to documentation) of setting up the ASA using Microsoft NPS server for Radius with Azure AD for the second factor.  I have an ASA pointed towards a Microsoft NPS server with the Azure MFA extension. Everyt...

recently setup anyconnect on CSR1000v and it worked with local credentials .  All of sudden, Anyconnect VPN is no longer working. CRYPTO_OPSSL: SSL3.0 is no longer supported.Enabling only TLS1.0CRYPTO_OPSSL: Set cipher specs to mask 0x00002080 for ve...

NDP by Level 1
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Unable to run TLS 1.2Hello,I'm using Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client for Windows (Windows 10) v 4.8.I'm trying to to connect using it to the server with TLS 1.2 but I failed because the VPN client uses only TLS 1.0. This client doesn't have T...

sluge by Level 1
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Can anyone tell me how to change the banner text when using Anyconnect to change the user password with LDAP By deafult it sets the text as per the attached picture, we need to make it say the minimum PW length needs to be 13

HI I would like to know what does it mean in the data specification datasheet where for ASA 5525-X 3DES/AES VPN throughput is 300 Mbps.  This 300 Mbps is referring to total throughput in and out or only referring to one way 300 Mbps? Please refer the...

geeyc5113 by Level 1
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Dear Team , We have information that cisco firepower will be supported duo and RSA as per documentation .release not of 6.3.0 FTD WE have requirement to do integration of IntelliTrust -entrust datacard with cisco FTD for anyconncet dual fector authen...

harmesh88 by Level 1
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  Hi Everyone,I have ssl anyconnect vpn for my home lab.When i connect via anyconnect over ssl i am unable to ssh to ASA inside and outside IP is this default behaviour?i have config management access inside configured on the ASA. VPN Pool IP 10.10.1...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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