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PDA VPN software - Certicom client

I just downloaded the Certicom client on an IPAQ and got it to work with the VPN-3005. Only two things that I found that were any different than the Cisco VPN Client were,Can only do internal authenticationIPSec - IPSec SA - has to be changed to ESP/...

VPNSC - VPN Solution Center

What do you think about VPNSC ?What is the roadmap ?It is necessary and/or benefit for a MPLS network ?Sebastien DrapeauQuebectel

dst by Beginner
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VPN USING ALTIGA 3015 and Microsoft Certificate Server

I'm running a W2K certificate authority and Altiga 3015 for the VPN.My questions :-If I authenticate using the internal database on Altiga I'm able to logon to the network.If I try to get the authentication done via the NT Domain (W2K), I'm unable to...

manoj by Beginner
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VPN with three routers

I have three routers 1720 on three sites.One principal site, and two remote sites.I want to do vpn connections between the principal site and the remote sites. I have only one serial interface.I use IKE.How can i do ? Create two crypto isakmp policy ...

egrellet by Beginner
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1720 Dialup ISDN to Central PIX 515 (IPSec) + (IKE)

I have the above and I think I have the start of the ISAKMP key exchange when dialup ISDN is initiated but I don't quite understand how to setup the dynamic crypto maps on the PIX. This will be the first 1720 spoke route of many and I need to know h...

VPN Client through a PIX out to the Internet

I have a workstation sitting behind a PIX 520 (no IPSec on the PIX). The workstation is using Cisco's VPN Client to connect accross the inet to an Altiga concentrator.I have conduits permitting esp and udp 500 on the PIX and permit statements for esp...

pbunchuk by Beginner
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Simple VPN setup guidance

I'm interested in setting up a VPN for a satellite office and possibly a couple of remote users. I currently have a Cisco 1720 router in the main office and I'm using a Cisco 675 in the satellite office. I know I'm going to need a Cisco 1400 series...

markg by Beginner
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7505 and VPN Error

I have gone through all the vpn config on my 7505, when i go to apply the crypto map on the interface i get the following error:ERROR: Cannot apply IPSEC crypto map with tag MAP_TO_SC8 to VIP interfaces.I have distributed cef enabled and I am baffled...

7sboals by Beginner
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Vpn Nat and MS Windows

I was wondering if it's possible to do this....Have two remote offices both with an ISDN connection to internet. Each one has a static ip for router and rest are doing Nat. Wanted to setup a VPN using MS PPTP originally....but couldn't get the GRE ...

t-hinman by Beginner
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IPSec Design

I have 1700 and 2600 series router in my two branch offices. If i need to implement VPN using the IPSec.. What are all the things..i need to purchase on top of the Desktop feature set.. i need to purchase IPPlus IPSec

nmgopi by Beginner
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VPN Requirement

I have 3600 series router ,which has 12.0(3)T ios version but this ios version is not supported VPDN,IPSEC,L2TP etc.I want to know ,whcih IOS version is required for VPDN or for those which are describe above.IS my router plateform suitable for VPDN?...

VPN Connectivity on cable

Hi,I have a internet connection through ciscouBR924 cable router.I want to implement the VPN connection with the counter office which has also got the internet through ciscouBR924 router.Our ISP is using a CMTS uBR7223.Hoe do i go ahead with this?

vijaym_74 by Beginner
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VPN Client Services

Amcol has purchased 2 PIX Firewalls and 7200 series routers. We hired a consulting firm to install the equipment and configure a VPN to an office in the UK. They have not been successful in installing the VPN Client protion to connect to the corporat...

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