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Resolved! split tunnel Local LAN supernet issue

We have had split-tunnel VPN working for years, but at some point we started to see an issue with home private networks that overlap with our corporate private networks that I thought was previously handled correctly by our supernetting.   We ACL in ...

85MikeTPI by Beginner
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Resolved! ACL, VPN / ISR4321 V/K9

Hello,I would like to know if I'll be able to setup ACLs with the "access-list" command with an "ISR4321 V/K9".Are there restrictions (in comparison with a "ISR4321 VSEC/K9")?Will I be able to setup a VPN IPsec ISKAMP with a "Cisco 887VA SEC/K9" rout...

leam2 by Beginner
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DAP Endpoints

I am trying to configure the DAP policy to check the registry for domain values.  the person connecting can only connect from certain domains. It works if I only have one endpoint.  If I add multiple endpoints it fails.   It seems like instead of tre...

snormoyle by Beginner
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Updating Connection IP Address Windows 10

The external IP address at my business just changed, so we had to update our client's configuration files in order for the VPN to work.  In Windows 7, all I had to do was update the IP address in the DefaultCLientProfile.xml in C:\ProgramData\Cisco\C...

bponce11 by Beginner
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EPC3828D port forwarding and DMZ didn't work.

Trying to open port or enable DMZ but nothing work. Firewall and antivirus disabled. Model: EPC3828D and build e3828-E13A-c3100r55112-150728c.And one more question where i can found new version of hardware for this model or this model didn't support ...

LoPij by Beginner
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VPN 3000 Concentrator Software Update

We are currently on Cisco Systems, Inc./VPN 3000 Concentrator Series Version 3.0.3.A Jun 07 2001 19:35:44 The current image file is vpn3005-3.0.3.A-3des.bin.I noticed that there are 2 different downloads for the vpn3005: versions 4.1.7.P and 4.7.2.J ...

davidb by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Resolved! VPN/IPSEC Access List

Hello,   We have an ASA 5510 running Version 9.1(7)9  I have an IPSEC tunnel configured to a remote site, the tunnel is working   Having an issue with the remote site contacting internal server With the access list on the cryptomap I get  Nat stateme...

galaga by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! Profile XML files disable manual gateway typing

Hello,   I use Cisco AnyConnect to connect with a few outside networks. Normally the Cisco client looks like this: And I can type in any gateway and connect right away. Recently I got a new customer connection that is stored in the form of an XML fi...

itewlokar by Beginner
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Resolved! Site to Site VPN - MIgrate to new IP

Hi   We have a site to site VPN with a 3rd party who are planning to change their public IP.    I want to set our end of the tunnel with their new IP beforehand so when they change their IP, the tunnel to their new IP comes up. Could I do this by doi...

Mokhalil82 by Enthusiast
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