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Hi,I was running an anyconnect VPN Service that used SSLv3, after POODLE, we moved onto TLSv1, which worked fine, but I've recently been advised that TLSv1 is also vulnerable to POODLE. I upgraded to the latest version of the firewall software (It's ...

We're trying to build an ASA tunnel to a Checkpoint firewall and we keep getting the following:   12 IKE Peer: x.x.x.x Type : user Role : initiator Rekey : no State : MM_WAIT_MSG2   What I noticed with the first log message, ASA-5-713041, is that it...

Hi, I am wondering if a virtual IP can be used to setup a site to site vpn? there is a cisco asa  FWA on the inside of the network using private IP address on its outside interface and needs to setup a site-to-site vpn between it and another device o...

Hi, I've got an anyconnect client vpn configured with authentication utilising LDAP, all working fine with user logging on with their standard firstname.lastname, however I'm trying to set up the log on to utilise the upn, i.e. firstname.lastname@tes...

I created multiple vpn groups let's call it Group A, B, C, D, EI added all the groups to one user and it seems to be only able to singing into one group.Let say I logged on group A then log off then log on to group B, I can't connect to B vpn group o...

locus by Level 1
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Hello,   We have asa with version. I've set the idle timeout to be 3 minutes, but vpn session has not been terminated after 3 minutes when client is idle. We have applied group policy configuration below. group-policy <name> attributes wins-s...

I have the following configuration on my ISR-1100:crypto ikev2 authorization policy IKEV2-AUTH-POLICY  pool VPN-POOL!crypto ikev2 proposal IKEV2-PROPOSAL  encryption aes-gcm-256 group 16!!!crypto ikev2 profile AnyConnect-EAP match identity remote key...

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dissco by Level 1
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Hi friends. I've been going around in circles with this one for a few days but I'm hoping someone will be able to tell me where I'm going wrong. I've provided a fairly basic overview but hopefully you'll come across this issue in your careers/experie...

Hello folks,   I have finished setting up ASA image and anyconnect profiles etc on the new VPN 2110 buildout.  One thing that I can't figure out is why when for example one windows 10 client wants to use the new VPN, all they do is punch in the new I...

Amafsha1 by Level 2
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