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This topic is a chance to discuss more about the best practices to configure, deploy and troubleshoot Dynamic Multi-point VPN (DMVPN) on Cisco Routers. The session provides insight about the base components involved in DMVPN and its different phases ...


Hi,   We have a site to site VPN and when we source a ping from the local LAN the ping to the remote site it works fine. pinging (remote side of VPN )pings ok, it hits the local firewall and is nat'd to 10.1...

Dear Community, I am struggling to get get an connection from the AnyConnect clients to the inernal as well as the Site to Site VPN.   Anyconnect Network --> ASA with internal network connected --> remote l2l site ...

Isynth by Level 1
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We have a VPN tunnel established from our on-premise ASA to AWS Cloud. We have also configured the AD Connector but we get this error when we try to ping from AWS or run the directory service port test to the public IP on our ASA. The error in the AS...

computer by Level 1
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Good day;   I have read all the post or at least I think I did but I tried all the suggestion and I still cannot ping across. In one post it says to try running packet tracer so I did and found out that an ACL is blocking my traffic but I doubled che...

Warren by Level 1
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Good day, We configure an IPSec tunnel this way, crypto isakmp policy 20 encr aes 256 hash sha256 authentication pre-share group 5 lifetime 64000crypto isakmp key Test!234 address ipsec transform-set TEST ah-sha256-hmac esp-aes 2...

Mmiselo by Level 1
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we have a branch connected through 3*L3 MPLS VPN to our DC. the 3 circuits are with the same provider and we need to replace its router with an ASA firewall. this will impose the need for routing over the 3 circuits at the same time while using crypt...


Hi there need some help in setting up anyconnect. I am new to the cisco world and am right now having an nightmare in just getting the licenses needed to run vpn on my router RV345P. I am now trying to get the licenses below but the CISCO helpdesk is...

dondaniel by Level 1
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I am getting an error while trying to use Anyconnect VPN.Certification Validation failure.No Valid certificates available for this Authentication.I am on a Macbook with Mojave.Not terribly knowledgeable about certificates.Any help is appreciated. Tha...

Good morning All   I have been looking at this all morning now and am at a lost.  I am trying to configure a ikev2 l2l ipsec tunnel but when I send interesting traffic the tunnel doesn't even attempt to come up.  The tunnel terminates on my ASA5520  ...

Warren by Level 1
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Hello,I like to have a lot of stuff open at the same time on my laptop, so restarting is not a solution. I forget to disconnect from Cisco manually before walking away from my laptop, or before putting it to sleep, and I would like to keep doing it t...

danmo9 by Level 1
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Hi All,   If Im applying Apex or PLUS licenses to my active ASA, is it available across the virtual contexts or for each VC do I need to apply licenses?   Also If I have a Active/standby virtual contexts across 2 ASA devices, will the APEX/PLUS  lice...

Stanly by Level 1
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