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Hello community good morning! I have a site to site VPN with a client, the VPN mostly works fine, but recently I have a problem: The VPN disconets and when the session comes up the ASDM show me two sessions (you can see this in the attached image), w...

I have a IPSEC tunnel between site A “4331 router” and site B “C800 router”. And a Win10 machine are connected to LAN site on both behind both router. Ping from site A to machine behind router B brings the tunnel up and debug for isakmp and ipsec sho...

sfanayei by Beginner
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Hi All.I have a question, may someone can help me. We have a ASA 5510 in our company, which we use for VPN.We have a second authentication, which is realised with DUO. Now, we want additionally a certificate matching, so we just let machine in our ne...

Rafa by Beginner
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Hi Everyone,I never setup a SSLVPN before even though can manage networkj administration. I have this Cisco RV220W router and I know I can setup a VPN server using SSL VPN.There is a server and a client section. Do I have to setup both or just the se...

ASA site 2 site vpn, ICMP /ping is not working, but we see access list hitcounts at both end location,  ios ver 9.2, But RDP works fine. Note one side is ASA and other end is Paloalto, but same setup is working for other vpn. no configuration missing...

I have Cisco ASA 5510 firewall. I am unable to acces it through VPN connection. I am using VPN client for VPN connection. I can access all the other devices in my network but not able to access firewall. Do anyone has any suggection ? 

Hello All , Kindly help me to investigate below log on our CE router :- Sep 20 21:42:10.103: %BGP-5-ADJCHANGE: neighbor Down BGP Notification sentSep 20 21:42:10.103: %BGP-3-NOTIFICATION: sent to neighbor 4/0 (hold time expi...

amit.gaur by Beginner
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Guys,  I have my WAP sitting behind ASA and have ipsec tunnel between ASA and router.below is the topology:- WAP>>ASA<<< IPSEC TUNNEL>>> Router<<<WLC Recently we have replaced router with ASA 5505 for security reasons and since then WAP is not able t...

Hi, We have a split tunnle vpn on our ASA 5520 firewall with default dns and default domain name. Now i want to change it to the split dns with more domains so that I can use the DNS server I defined for the domains i need. But i am not sure what i n...

Ge Qu by Beginner
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Hi,I wanted to test AnyConnect on Windows 8 I got an error when "checking profiles updates".When I put a xml profile file on C:\ProgramData\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client\Profile , I got an error "Failed to load preferences"Has someone...

Dear All, Please kindly help me with the scenario below. We are trying to establish the site to site VPN with a partner who only accepts public IPs as encryption domain. Unfortunately, we have only one public IP address for internet access which mean...

oladapo20 by Beginner
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Hi All, I have successfully implemented ISAKMP and IPSEC for a site to site tunnel from a Cisco 881 to a non Cisco device.  Here is what the set up should look like... Remote Side                                                                       ...

Hi there,I have problem with cisco vpn client in windows10. I know that windows 10 does not support it anymore,and I have tried options written in glogs/forums.My problem is gateway does not answer (error 412) . I also tried in ubuntu box,the same pr...

We configured eap-chaining but it is not working with the error: "Machine authentication against Active Directory has failed because of wrong password" after researching, it looks like we are getting this bug "CSCuh23463" we are using NAM/anyconnect ...

ffadhilpi by Beginner
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