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Hi,   I have now been troubleshooting for the last couple of days, to get a VPN tunnel (Site - to - Site) up and run again. (it have worked before)   But it is not working what ever I have done.   Reboot the site B router Taken all configuration down...

Would like to know how will I determine the ff. from the CLI or ASDM:   Which is the active VPN connection and which is on stand-by?How will I know If VPN is downHow will I know If peered site is down

John by Beginner
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Hi All,   I have an following doubts, before configuring Split tunnel VPN in my Lab setup.   1. Once the Split tunnel is logged in a system, what will be the gateway of the machine. 2. how does the internet traffic and local traffic is split.  

Hi All, I have a weird one, where remote access vpn using the Cisco VPN client on Windows 10 no longer works. It connects and I can see that it is connected on the ASA, however I cannot get to any internal resources.   The VPN pool is

shankm001 by Beginner
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Can you add a service object group in an encryption domain when setting up a s2s on an ASA?   Example: object-group network local network-object host object-group network remote network-object host object-group service ports service...

Baker by Beginner
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I would like to have single VPN URL for the whole company that has multiple office locations.  But at the same time, every location has its own ASA 5516x that can be used for users to connect.  How do I make all users connect to the single URL (possi...

Dranik by Beginner
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I am getting the following error when connecting from a single computer."The VPN connection was terminated due to the loss of the network interface used for the VPN connection."The only reference I can find to this error currently is a person on this...

clamasters by Beginner
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Evening all,    I have been asked to create 4 Ipsec site to site VPN's onto a Cisco ASA 5525 .  1.This will involve 4 customers with overlapping addresses .  2. They will also need to route to each other as some addresses will be my companies which w...

I have a scenario where when the Primary ISP (the ISP with a tracked route fails) the backup ISP takes over and the remote L2L tunnels begin flapping between the primary ISP and the backup ISP. This only occurs on failover to the backup ISP. If I fai...

I would like to set-up DMVPN without using vrf on a ISR4321.  We use publicly routable IP address on the LAN.  I want those destination addresses routed via the encrypted when the tunnel is up, but route thru the internet when the tunnel is down.  I ...

garyb9009 by Beginner
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Hi, I am trying to setup DVTI on vrf-aware FlexvpnI am facing a trouble with phase2 settings, I do not know where the problem comes from , any idea ?You can find output from my configs and debugs below, the message " Failed to find a matching policyE...

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