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Avocent CPS1610 Console server

Hi All,From some prior posts on this support site, I see that people have used the CPS1610 successfully to manage serial console connections to their Cisco routing and switching hardware.I just wanted to confirm my understanding of how it integrates ...

Resolved! Annyconnect users authenticating via AD. How to assign different users to different group policies

Hello, Currently we use the local user database on the Cisco ASA for our enyconnect users. We have two group policies one allows users assigned to it to be able to get to all internal networks apart from the DEV networks. The other allows users assig...

Resolved! Overlapping DMVPN tunnel network and local networks

I am designing a VPN solution for our company and believe that DMVPN is the best solution.  This configuration would allow an easier to manage vpn configuration on the spokes and on the hub\s.  In my testing I intentionally built scenarios that would...

brb719648 by Beginner
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ASA , ipsec with no proxy arp on the NAT

I hope that someone can clarify this to me. a site to site was configured properly without any problem . A NAT was required to change the source address, the destination is unique to the site(NO NAT) . the vpn was up but there was no traffic going ...

Is clientless VPN more secure?

My company allows any computer logon to the VPN (ie non-work computers). The thought is that clientless VPN is more "secure" since it would be harder for something malicious from the computer to get passed through the clientless VPN. But is that real...

Ralphy006 by Beginner
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IPSEC misconfiguration between two routers

Hi everybody, I have a trouble with an IPSec tunnel between two routers. When I do a ping then use the command "show crypto ipsec sa" I have 0 packet encrypted and 0 packet desyncrypted too. Here is the configuration of the two routers: Router 1:  ...

dibrilouD by Beginner
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VPN Group Policy Problem

I’m trying to get IPSec VPN working with LDAP authentication but I can't figure out why my Group Policy is not working correctly.  When my user authenticates, it looks like the correct ALLOWACCESS policy is being applied but then the NOACCESS policy ...

hnbbank01 by Beginner
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Configure Cisco Anyconnect to use Two- Factor authentication (username/password & Self Signed Cert)

Before i begin, I just want to mention that I am not very strong on the ASA side of things  What i am trying to achieve is to use Two-Factor authentication when i user tries to VPN into the network using Cisco Anyconnect. One reason behind this deci...

Sys log traffic from ASA getting blocked.

Hi,  I have a ASA device with a management interface with IP address and also on this interface are switches that also have ipaddress on the 192.168.1.x range.  The rules on the firewall say that any traffic comming in to firewall on...

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 3.1.10010 -connection attempt has failed due to network or pc issue

My environment is Windows 10 Home edition, AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client v 3.1.100. It is a new computer that came with McAfee LiveSafe - Internet Security installed by Dell Windows 10 image.    Each time I try to connect to my organization's V...

mkoneya by Beginner
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