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I have a Cisco2921 router in which I have this IOS-c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.154-3.M3.bin. Does this have SSL_VPN in order for me to enable anyconnect VPN for my anyconnect client? When I do "show license all", the list doesn't show SSL_VPN. Does this...

sroyrster by Level 1
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Hi, In the log am getting: ISAKMP:(0): No Cert or pre-shared address key.   I know there is a key configured for sure, wonder why it doesn't pick it up ? Identical configuration on both tunnel sides. GRE tunnel is coming up. Once you start applying i...

Argo by Level 1
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HI Team,                  Kindly provide the configuration example for client SSL VPN in ASA 5520..If get the configuration CLI mode as well..   Thanks Muthukumar

Dear Engineers,   One of our customers provided our engineers Anyconnect for remote connection. Those engineers are suffering slow download speeds. I have noticed that there is problem with negotiating DTLS. I have checked RFC for DTLS. I can see tha...

Jaru by Level 1
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Hello,   So it's been awhile since I've used TACACS+, but when I configure one of my switches to use it, it is still using the local authentication instead of TACACS+. Here's the config:   aaa new-model ! ! aaa group server tacacs+ TAC_PLUS  server n...

Hello All,   I am having issue with the IPsec over GRE, I am unable to ping the  remote end and they are unable to ping me.  When the remote end ping us we can see the packet decaps going up but when we ping them we don not see increase in packet enc...

Hi there, I am trying to setup a virtual Cisco ASA on Microsoft Azure to use with an AnyConnect vpn connection. We simply need to ensure that we can make a vpn connection from and Android device and that is it. Don't need to access any resources beh...

Hi, when i go on ASDM Version: 7.2(2)1 ASA version: 9.2(2)4 to Monitoring>Vpn> sessions right click on a session then click ip address  or details or any option. It starts  parsing and displaying the latest Monitoring data... and get stuck at 97%.   ...

tobamarus by Level 1
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Resolved! VPN

Hi, I have a site-to-site vpn which is working fine but when i use the client vpn to connect to another network I am not able to connect to any machine on my site-to-site vpn.   Thanks,

tobamarus by Level 1
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Hi,   I have a question regarding routing when connected with Anyconnect.   Consider below diagram. Static routes in ASA: route OUTSIDE 1route DMZ 1route INSIDE tun...

Skärmavbild 2017-12-06 kl. 19.55.11.png
jl81 by Level 1
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Hi Guys,.   I have strange problem with VPN filter that I have on my L2L IPSect tunnel on ASA.   access-list MY_VPN_Filter extended permit tcp host eq 1414 host access-list MY_VPN_Filter extended permit tcp host

rizwanr74 by Level 7
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Hi All, I'm fairly new to Cisco ASA so please excuse my naivety. We have a Cisco 5555 ASA which is currently configured for AnyConnect VPN via AD. The next step is to authenticate users/laptops with AD + Certificates.   I have configured the ASA as a...

pugman by Level 1
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