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Resolved! How to add additional hosts in preferences.xml?

We deploy a preferences.xml to our laptops that sets the preferred vpn host. Sometimes that host is too busy or unavailable and the users have to call in to get the name of an alternate host. How can we set the default host, but also have an alternat...

webabc123 by Beginner
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Site to site VPN not tunneling traffic

I have a network with two isps annd two firewalls. The config is as follows: Firewall 1 (Netgear) providing internet access via Gateway 2 (ASA 5512) providing Internet access and VPN services via Gateway What I try t...

DMVPN compatible with GRE/IPSEC tunnel interface?

Set Up:Router spoke11 has dmvpn multimpoint tunnel11 (phy s1/0) to hub31 dmvpn multimpoint tunnel11 (phy s1/0). Router spoke11 has gre/ipsec ptp tunnel 111 (phy s1/0) to hub32 ptp gre/ipsec tunnel 111 (phy s1/0).Router spoke12 has dmvpn multimpoint t...

kjiang.mc by Beginner
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Resolved! about ASA 5512 vpn user

hello everyone What does it mean to mark red (Inactivity : 0h:00m:00s),is it offline time? ciscoasa# sh vpn-s any Session Type: AnyConnect Username : wang-lianjie Index : 3Assigned IP : Public IP : : AnyConnect-Pare...

ogerking by Beginner
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IPSEC encrypting traffic under DENY statements.

Hello, I have a site to site IPSEC tunnel over a providers network.  The crypto map is defined and applied on the WAN interface (interface facing the ISP). The crypto map calls an extended ACL to specify what traffic should be encrypted. Tunnel is UP...

aalex1055 by Beginner
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Site to Site VPN

Hi we are setting up Site to Site VPN configuration, tunnel is up and vpn is working properly, but i'm needing some assistance for securing the access. 1. is it possible to restrict network a to access network b? 2. and network b can only access sele...

DMVPN spoke-to-spoke

Hi I am facing a issue with DMVPN, and i would appreciate if someone could help me. I have one hub and two spokes. The hub can send traffic to both spokes. However, the spokes cannot send traffic to each other, even though the it does the nhrp mappin...


Dear All, Can you people please let me know what exactly the VPN engineers do daily. I mean his daily activities like, does he do configuration, maintain or troubleshoot the VPNs In short what are his day to day activities..what kind of problem does...

ActiveX RDP Fullscreen Resolution

This is not a question, but a very simple solution to a problem that had us scratching our heads for quite a while.  Hopefully this will save someone else some time figuring it out.We use the Clientless SSL VPN with a terminal server for our general ...

brisam1979 by Beginner
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