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Hi, I am able to ping my remote peers but can't trace.what am i missing here ?  object-group service PING_TRACE service-object icmp service-object icmp tracerouteobject-group network ICMP_ACCESS network-object network-objec...

Tupe_kunal by Beginner
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Hi hub1 and hub2 are configured as ikev2 flex vpn with load balancing but its not working. below is the config. HUB2 HUB-2#show run | section cryptocrypto ikev2 redirect clientcrypto ikev2 redirect gateway initcrypto ikev2 policy default match fvrf...

Hi, I have an issue with bandwidth performance, i have an GRE over IPSEC tunnel between two ISR4431 Routers. Both of these routers have IPSEC, HSEC and PERF licenses installed. At the remote location we have a 500Mbit connection, when we bypass the ...

jpdeboer1 by Beginner
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Any way within an ASA to tell me how many times a VPN tunnel has been used in the last (x) days, months etc?  Trying to do some cleanup, and a report like this would help.

Good day, I have a CISCO RV180 router as a client and VPS with static IP (X.X.138.131) as a server (running up on the Debian+StrongSwan). CISCO is a router to which clients of the local network are connected (LAN - Next, the WAN port...

madmas by Beginner
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Hi everyone, I have a router ISR 4331 on which I have created a tunnel interface and loopback interface as a source interface of tunnel connected with my remote site. Recently I have started seeing packet discards on my tunnel interface. My MPLS pr...

Resolved! ASA VPN license

hi everyone, as i know, by default, the ASA 5516 default license includes 2 AnyConnect Premium licenses.  i want to know, if i use L2TP vpn, and the vpn client is using windows built in `dailup client. does that still has 2 clients limitation? thx!

ronald.su by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA VPN Query

Hi guys, I wonder if someone could cast an eye over this and offer me some guidance. Attached is a configuration for an existing ASA that sits in the local DC. Local range is /24 which NATs to /24. This address then routes ...

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