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Hello Cisco Community, Hope all is well. I have an inquiry regarding the AWS Marketplace ASAv - PayG model. My question is that does it INCLUDE the licenses for the Cisco ASA virtual device? How about the remote access VPN license, do I need to purch...

Missing crypto ikev2 / ipsec command on C8200-1N-4T TEST-R1B-8200(config)#crypto ?RSA-key-pair RSA key pairkey Long term key operationspki Public Key componentsprovisioning Secure Device Provisioningwui Crypto HTTP configuration interfaces

john-dass by Level 1
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We have recently installed two ASAv's into AWS, both are c5.xlarge and are licensed as below.Both have Anyconnect profiles which allow hairpining only, but when using these thoughput is only around 50kbps.AWS are saying their side is ok, but we are a...

Hi Folks, I’m a little frustrated right now and really hope you can help me fixing one major performance issue we have. Short description: We are running a Cisco ASAv in AWS to connect into our cloud infrastructure over there. All traffic is routed t...

piwo030 by Level 1
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Dear Members,Currently, I'm facing VPN issues. I have a Public IP address for the Hub site, while the Branch has a dynamic IP address. The VPN tunnel is connected, with the purpose of allowing access for branch users to the internal server at 10.20.1...

Hi,I have VPN between routers and it works okay.One site - router 2 interfaces:one interface: interface Second site - router 2 interfacesone interface: interface ip between...

I am trying to configure 2FA using Duo for Any Connect login. I have completed the few steps that seem to be very simple to configure the Duo gateway and ASA config. I am prompted to login via Duo and complete 2FA using my mobile app. However once th...

mmoulson1 by Level 4
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Hello,i have a FTD 1010 Device. Anyconnect is configured and the users are able to connect. But the clients reconnect every 4 Minutes. (MTU is already reduced to 1300, udp Port 443 is not blocked, DTLS should work) I see following in the Logs every t...

ciscocase by Level 1
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