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Hello I have a requirement to build a site-site IPSEC tunnel. Where tunnel is required to support both port 80 and 443. Can someone please advise how can i configure it? Thanks

Dear Community, We recently enabled multi-factor authentication for our Remote Access VPN using both certificate and user credentials. Our VPN users use the Anyconnect client version 4.2.01035 for both Mac and PC. We have deployed the cert to all mo...

Craddockc by Level 3
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For those of us who don't want to use ISE.... what is the new standard for hostscanning and Posturing for Anyconnect? A few specific questions: The hostscan package is now a completely separate package. For Anyconnect 3.x, there was an option to use ...

Ralphy006 by Level 1
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router information : License Info: License UDI: -------------------------------------------------Device# PID SN-------------------------------------------------*0 CISCO1941/K9  Technology Package License Information for Module:'c1900' ------------...

mhabimana by Level 1
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Hi All, I have a query regarding NAT operations over a VPN. I've been referring to various guides but I'm still a little confused. As I understood it, an identity nat/nat0 rule is required to prevent the traffic being natted out of the external inte...

Good evening, everyone. I'm working with the ASA API to try and automate VPN builds for us. Working with an API is new to me, but I'm trying to apply what I've learned in Python to ensure VPN builds are about as simple as filling in a few lines and ...

We have ASA 5510 for remote access VPN which has 150Mbps of VPN throughput. Customers have complained about slowness when downloading images. Is there a way to check VPN throughput for peak time (history) using SNMP or something? We are able to get ...

Hi, Lets assume that is the overlapping subnet on both ends of the tunnel. nat (inside, outside) source static obj_10.1.1.0 obj_10.2.2.0 destination static obj_10.3.3.0 obj_10.1.1.0 This nat rule will translate on site A to...

Hello.I want to create a vpn reservation system between offices.LAN1 - ROUTER1 - ASA1 = (ISP1,2) = ASA2 - ROUTER2 - LAN2I have 2 ASA with 2 ISP on each, and I have 2 routers on each branch with base license.I create 2 VPN tunnels between ASAs and 2 G...

foxdeniss by Level 1
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Hello everyone,  Every time I reboot my router the WebVPN seems to work fine then it won't allow authentication via AnyConnect nor through the portal. On the web portal, it shows internal error every time I go to connect to it. 

trevor240 by Level 1
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I have a Cisco 5505 ASA version 8.2(5), ASDM version 6.4(5) This ASA has one role and that is the Site to Site VPN with a supplier. Based on my limited understanding of VPNs Phase 1 is okay, but Phase 2 is where the VPN fails.  In the log, I see the...

So I've got three ASA 5506's set up in three physical locations, all connected to each other via site to site VPN's. What users were noticing in one office (behind one of the ASA's), especially in the morning, is that once connected to the VPN they w...

btramer29 by Level 1
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