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Hi, Note: I'm kind of new to cisco, and this configuration was not made by me. We have a IKEv2 tunnel configured and I rebember that when I run show crypto ikev2 sa it would only show 1 Tunnel with status READY A few week ago I noticed that now it sh...

jorgemfm by Level 1
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Greetings, some of my Ubuntu 22.04LTS users are are getting the following error as seen in syslog: "Server certificate validation failed with the following errors: #011Certificate has expired."The cert is not expired. all of my certs in the crypto st...

ERichard by Level 1
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the tunnel does not go upcrypto ikev2 proposal PROP-CBTencryption aes-cbc-256prf sha256integrity sha512group 14crypto ikev2 policy POL-CBTproposal PROP-CBTcrypto ikev2 keyring KEY-CBTpeer KEY-CBTaddress *************crypto i...

fgafurov29 by Spotlight
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Hey so:1) I am a total newb, ELI5 please2) My work uses Cisco AnyConnect for VPN3) I have a mac with AnyConnect on it and it works fine4) we use certs for auth5) I installed anyconnect on my mobile phone (iOS) and it works fine (imported the cert via...

lnx91 by Level 1
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Dear Members,Greeting to all!Let me ask one question for IPsec VPN, Currently I'm using ASA to Azure IPsec VPN configuration with only one public IP. If I used for Cisco AnyConnect VPN with that public IP it's possible to use?.Many Thanks for your an...

Hey,We have a tunnel set up between Cisco 1kv 16.12.01a and Cisco ASA 5585 Version 9.12(4)24, P1 is stuck on IKE_SA_INIT with nothing showing on #show crypto ikev2 sa remote. P1 and P2 parameters match between the two devices.debug:cisco2#Apr 10 18:4...

omera by Level 1
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Hello team,We are experiencing a really odd problem and I would like your help if it is possible.I configured a Cisco 886VA router as a anyconnect server with anyconnect version 4.7.04056.The router iOS is 157-3.M4a.The configuration I used is the be...

Yannis94 by Level 1
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Hi Members,I want to procure type of Anyconnect Licnese which supports mobile VPN. Earlier ther was an option to procure minimum 5 Licneses now this is changed to 25 licneses. Can someone explain which licnese type i should go for as there are many t...

Hi,Hope you are doing well.Is it possible to create 2 different vpns on same ftd? say for example vpn1.xyz.com and vpn2.xyz.com. Each of the vpn will use its own dedicated outside interface on ftd like outside_vpn1 and outside_vpn2 and these interfac...